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Re: need a friend to talk to,someone who understands me

Re: need a friend to talk to,someone who understands me

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Posted by Kimberly on December 24, 1999 at 00:41:45:

In Reply to: Re: need a friend to talk to,someone who understands me posted by weez on December 22, 1999 at 12:49:49:

: : : i have been trying to get pregnant for about 10 years now. my husband has low sperm count.i recently had an ivf and icsi done and waiting to have pregnancy test done. i don't feel anything,i
: : : am so deppresed .start crying for no reason,need a freind who can help me to cope with this problem .i would greatly appreciate any help.all my friends have already got childern , one just gave me a news that she is 6 weeks pregnant.i am happy for them but i feel i don't

: : have anything in common with any of them ,feel no one understands my pain ,feel so left out .please help me if you know what should i do to feel some relief .hope all get what you are looking for.thanks roxy

: : I totally know what you're going through. I have been trying for two years to get pregnant. I have 15 friends who are due in March. I was pregnant and due in March, but miscarried. It is so hard.

: strong, this one of the hardest things to endure in life. i dont think anyone can fully understand the pain unless they have gone thru it. we tried for 7 years and did one ivf with neg. result....but maybe your pg. right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! we since then adopted 2 children from birth and it does fill the empty void and pain as their sitting behind me fightings and screaming over a toy, haaa haaaa the deal is, when i did ivf i was so stressed and depressed that i dont think any baby would attach, please try hard to relax, pray and ask god to help you, i promise to do that for you....remember that no matter what the results, it will turn out the same rather you worrie or not so find what little strenth and hold on.please let me know the results, i would love to chat more, i recently had a surgery to open my only tube and am hoping that maybe..... heres my e-mail, [email protected] know what your going thru, you should read my diary from the years before, yikes talk about a big stress ball, but i made it but i still feel the twinge. until later....karin
: thing positive results!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Dear Roxy,

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8yrs now and he also has a low sperm count. We are currently getting ready to start IVF with the possibility of ICSI. I know exactly what you're saying. Sometimes it feels like NOBODY, not even our spouse understands. And it is very, very hard sometimes to deal with all the infertility stuff that you're going through just find out that another one of your friends or family members is pregnant again. Like I said, we've been trying for 8yrs. I am the oldest out of 3 children and I have been married for 10yrs to a wonderful man. My younger sister got married last year in November and found out this year in March that she was pregnant. Talk about a blow! I'm not kidding you, it was the hardest time in my life. I am very close with my sister and all of my family but when she called and told me that she was pregnant, I lost it. I can still remember that phone call, 'I'm pregnant. Mom wants you to call her when we get off the phone.' Those were her exact words. My mother wanted to know my reaction. She knew that we had been trying and she knew that we had been through all kinds of procedures and at that moment I felt like my own mother didn't relate to my feelings and didn't care, all she was concerned about was she was finally getting her grandbaby. I did not talk to my sister for 6months. I'm not proud of that but I was going through a very bad depression and could not be around her because I deep down was not happy for her. I longed to be in her shoes. I did not go around my family. I distanced myself big time. I would go to church, knowing in the back of my mind that Jesus was the only one who could help me through this, but I would leave crying almost everytime. Finally in Sept of this year I attended our church's Ladies Retreat Camp. And I honestly believe that if I had not went I would be in a mental hospital right now. We had ladies from several different states there and they could tell that something was bothering me and those ladies prayed with me until I could finally feel a touch from the Lord. I'm not saying that I still don't from time to time get down because that's just part of being human, but I feel so much better because I finally realized that Jesus was waiting for me to turn to him for help. I apologize for rambling on and on about myself, but when my husband and I read your message I felt a connection and I have said the same things and I looked at my husband and said that I wanted to respond to you. Roxy, I know the hurt and the depression that you're talking about. I know what it's like to feel that there is nobody around that understands what I'm going through and you're probably right. If they have never experienced the pain of infertility then they have no idea. Just remember that a prayer can go a long way. You may know the story of Hannah in the Bible. She was barren and wanted a child so much. One day she went to the temple and was praying bitterly for a child and the priest came up to her and wanted to know what was wrong with her. She prayed that day, 'Lord if you will give me a child, I will give him back to you for your service'. The Lord heard her prayer and he gave her a son, Samuel. Just pray that the Lord will help you to relax and to give you peace of mind. He will help you. If you want to email me I would be more than happy to chat with you. My email is [email protected] I will keep you in my prayers. Kimberly

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