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Re: Meniere's syndrome and intestinal crisis

Re: Meniere's syndrome and intestinal crisis

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Posted by Carole on January 09, 2000 at 18:27:47:

In Reply to: Re: vertigo posted by Lynn on June 23, 1999 at 20:50:31:

: : I had my first onset of vertigo 2 years ago. I had to lay flat for 6 full days. Next time was a few months later. I was out 3 days. Now it hits every 3 to 6 months and only lasts about a day, although I just had a 5 day attack. When I get it now, I can walk around and function. I just have to take it slow and careful. I have seen an ENT and went through extensive testing. His only option was to treat the symptoms and make me sleep. Like most people, I don't have time to sleep off entire days. It has been suggested by various people this is caused by stress or allergies. I have seen some correlation with diet soda intake and my episodes. Also, it always hits on Sunday, my favorite day, when I am probably most relaxed, not stressed. Has anyone found similar correlations with diet soda or having it on the same day. I know it sounds crazy! Thanks!!

: I just had this happen to me for the first was no fun! I took the drugs and they worked but I switched to ginger capsules and had the same results. I was just thinking earlier today that everytime I buy some of my beloved diet coke, I get dizzzzzy. I wonder if there is a connection. I was okay with diet pepsi...which I don't care for.

: My sister gets this about every six months and her doctor has her taking an antihistamine. He says this will prevent it. Does this make sense?

January 9, 2000

I am diagosed to have Meniere's synrdrome for almost one year. I getting occasional buzzing or ringing in only my right ear. This lasts usually about one hour and then disappears. On 6 or 7 other occasions, I will start to feel as if I am losing my balance, and within 10 minutes I get dreadfully nauseous, and then have uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, which lasts about 2 hours. I then have extreme vertigo, and must lie flat about 2 - 5 hours. I'm then fine, just exhausted, and dehydrated. I've tried antivert, but it is not that helpful. I am on a diuretic, one microzide in the evening. I am trying to modify my diet, and have elimated coffee with cafeine (4 cups a day) as one possible cause. I am also controlling adult onset diabetes by diet. I don't know if this has any correlation in my case. I would be interested if anyone else suffers from the stomach/intestinal part, and what brings it on .

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