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Re: Ear Problems

Re: Ear Problems

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Posted by Paula on April 28, 2000 at 20:05:48:

In Reply to: Ear Problems posted by Joy on April 26, 2000 at 14:30:21:

: I have...ear problems. I don't know what it's called or even if it's really anything, but my level of
: frusteration and stress over this matter is reaching unbelievable limits. I have been to several
: doctors who have told me everything from "it's all in your head" to "it sounds like simple
: labrynthitis". "What's that?" I ask "Oh, it happens after you get a cold." is this doctor's blithe
: response. A cold? For four years? I have earaches on the right and left side, predominantly right,
: infrequent sinus ache on the right hand side of my face, hearing problems (that is always
: present, though some days are better than none) EXTREME vertigo (the first time I fell over while
: sitting down was a real treat for me--yes--that IS sarcasm), dizziness and lately my ears have
: always felt like they're full and even when I sit down the world rocks. I have no nausea, no
: vomiting and I haven't had so much as a cold in over five years. Oh, and I get really bad
: earaches if I go out into the cold without ear muffs.

: I had lots of ear trouble as a child. I was contanstantly getting infections and had to have those
: tubes stuck in my eardrum and consequently have an amount of scar tissue, though I don't
: know if that has anything to do with it. The big problem started about four years ago while on a
: return trip from Winnipeg. We were driving, and we got into the Rockies going into BC and-
: BAM-my eustachian tubes collapsed. Yeeha that was agony. So, I got that problem more or
: less fixed-I can usually equalize the pressure in my ears all right....usually, but I still get achey
: while going up a steep incline. (Let me tell you, it's hard to avoid steep inclines on the west
: coast). I am terrified....TERRIFIED...of that happening to me again. So, anyway, I guess this is
: a two-fold question. First, does anyone have any suggestions about what is going on and
: what steps I can take? Second, I'm going on a plane trip in about a month and the fear I have of
: the ascent/descent is just about paralyzing. I've heard that earplugs help. Any thoughts on that?
Hi Joy, first I know you can get these things called "Ear Planes" at the drug store, also there is a website:
Have you checked out the VEDA site?
Lastly, I've been swaying for 3 yrs with tinnitus, facial numbness,hearing flux, ear fullness etc. I belong to an online support group for dizzy people and there are experts that can answer your questions. If you're interested, email me at [email protected]
Hope this helps and email anytime--I know how hard and frustrating this is! Take care, Paula(31 yrs old)

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