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Doctors would rather had you drugs or call you depressed(my symptoms)

Doctors would rather had you drugs or call you depressed(my symptoms)

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Posted by Flo on May 31, 2000 at 18:24:29:

Everyone who is interested. Today I went to the doctors and tryed to explain that to him of my dizzyness he asked me to explain it. I explained that I felt like I was on cloud nine or just felt dozey, he wrote down that I was putting myself on the outside of the world , and that I may be depressed. I don't understand why doctors can't understand things that people tell them. It is not like we are making it up.
If only they could be us for a sec and feel what we feel it would be helpful because I think that they would understand us alot better.All he siad to me was his job was to send me to a neurologist I'm scared. The neurologist might tell me that I am dieing of somthing. I think that is my problem now I have tryed all tests and they don't understand what is wrong. Please some one tell me if they have these symptoms.
Headaches (not all the time)
lightheaded, dizzy, a weird feeling like your floating it hard to explian.
a feeling of fullness in the ears with no infection,and the ear doc says it is not my inner ear.
tired from trying to concentrate, or maybe just tired.
I was getting use to it and could live with it , but It seemed to of gotten worst in the last three weeks sence I quit smoking.
I don't know if you get any symptoms from quiting smoking I have never quit before.
moody, bad nerves only because you are allways thinking about what in the world is wrong with me!!
Please some one try to make me feel better I keep dreaming that I have some terrible disease and I am going to die.
I am a very healthy person never sick or have any colds or anything like that but just this one time three years ago I had a severe sinus infection which wouldn't go away until one day I woke up and the sinus infection seemed to dissapear, but I had this light headed, dizzy, droggy feeling since.
Some one please tell me what is going on THANKS FLO

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