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Re: Flo, You are NOT crazy, also UPDATE on my situation

Re: Flo, You are NOT crazy, also UPDATE on my situation

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Posted by CINDY F. on June 09, 2000 at 07:26:56:

In Reply to: Flo, You are NOT crazy! posted by Wendy on June 07, 2000 at 15:07:45:

HI flo and wendy, lori, paula and everyone else that was so supportive last time i posted are a great group!!!
First off Flo wendy is absolutely RIGHT you are not going crazy.. i know what you are going through also, as i am in the process of working with about the 5th doctor in one year, i have been dizzy way too long, and i got taken down that road of "your suffering from depression", OH HELL yeah i was depressed who wouldn't be after being dizzy for so long, its so disabling for me, i want my life back and to rejoin the human race,i haven't driven a car in months, haven't worked, but at the time i was willing to believe it was depression, took anti depressant which made me MORE dizzy i might say and didn't help as i felt i was getting chemicals i didnt need, at this piont i have a new ENT doc that found a hole in my ear drum which i need surgury to close, as it will cause more infections if i don't he feels once he opens me up he will be able to tell more and see if he sees something that is causing this constant dizziness, but he does not believe that hole itself is causing my dizziness i am describing to him,and i know what you mean about it being so hard to describe, its so different each day, somedays its accompianed by a headache, somedays its holding on to the walls,,, so its SOOO frustrating, i do believe i also have the tube disorder wendy is describing, and i will talk to him about it next visit,but its so hard as some docs dont like to be told what to do,, I had my MRI done this past monday showed NOTHING, which i am glad but frustrated of course, as the doc scratches his head and wants to give valium, which i have taken and does NOT help me at all, somedays it just was getting me through the day NOT what i want i feel its a bandaid and not to mention its addicting.. andivent, or mecklazine nothing seems to help. I have tried everything, a chiroprator, accupuntrist, changed my diet, no caffiene, you name it, i have even tried to quit smoking also, i am still struggling with that at this time, but even when i dont smoke i still feel dizzy...and i am still laying in bed MOST days. i am only 35 and sooo frustrated..BUT listen FLO hang in there WE WILL GET BETTER, just going to take some time and a good DOCTOR (((HUGS TO YOU))) and wendy too!! and everyone else who is so supportive last time i posted here. i dont mean to sounds discouraging to you FLO, but just wanted to let you know YOU ARE NOT CRAZY and i understand what you are going through..
a freind in oregon...

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