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Lightheaded and miserable!

Lightheaded and miserable!

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Posted by Chris on June 17, 2000 at 03:35:19:

Hi, everyone,

It all started about ten years ago while I was playing a city football game. Even though I felt like I had the
flu I decided to play anyway. I was dizzy the entire game, I assumed the dizziness was from my illness,
but when I finally got over being sick I went back to school and the dizziness remained. I am now 22
and the dizzy lightheaded feeling is still with me. Here are my symptoms:

1. Tingling in my toes and fingers.
2. While trying to play sports I have hotflashes in my face.
3. I notice that I drag my feet and barely bend my knees when I walk (Not sure how significant this one is.)
4. When I run I feel like everything is going in slow motion.
5. Also when I run it feels like my feet are crossing each other which causes me to stumble.
6. When I jump I am unsure when or where I will land.(I have sprung my ankles due to this problem)
7. When patted on the back I feel off balance and funny in the head
8. Things don't seem real, kinda like I am in a dream or drugged.
9. The dizziness is chronic, it may be better some days but I can always feel it.
10. It is at its worst when I exert myself, such as playing sports.
11. I believe I have a very slight ringing in my left ear.
12. When I play sports I feel like I have my fingers stuck in my ears. (this may be what is described as
fullness in the ears, I am not sure.)
14. Sharp noises throw my head off balance.

I have been to a neurologists, ear specialist, and a brain surgeon. They all say I am perfectly fine.
My doctor says it's anxiety and has prescribed me xanax. I do have panic attacks and I am anxious
much of the time. But I have problems believing that to be the only cause, because when I am perfectly
relaxed, I still feel dizzy.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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