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Re: BBPV or labyrinthitis??

Re: BBPV or labyrinthitis??

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Posted by Joy on July 02, 2000 at 00:38:03:

In Reply to: BBPV or labyrinthitis?? posted by Susan on June 13, 2000 at 21:44:20:

Your sinus, jaw and ears are all connected to one another. If one is off kilter, then the others will eventually follow suit. Fix the root problem and the others should follow. At least that's the theory. I have a friend who has TMJ, which became aggrivated when she partially dislocated her jaw (while eating steamed rice, of all things--go figure). Now the doctors said it was a dental thing, and the dentist said it was a doctor thing and, well to make a long story short, this was four years ago. Her jaw is still partially dislocated. What's happening, is that the inflamed tissue in her jaw is pressing again the canals in her ears and causing her to suffer from lightheadedness, ear aches, dizziness and mild hearing loss. As well, this is all causing her sinuses to become inflamed and well...the rest is pretty self explanatory. You can treat all of the symptoms, but it won't help the underlying problem, which, I think, is probably the TMJ.

As for the labrythitis, I've found that alot of doctors will diagnose a person with that if that can't find anything else. At least that's been my experience. There are two forms of labrynthitis. One is bacterial, which is nasty and can cause permanent hearing loss if not treated and the other is viral, wich is the one we're dealing with here. It's an infection that occurs in the inner ear labrynth during or following a cold and generally goes away in a week or two, but can make a comeback when you get another cold. It's often accompanied by such lovely things as dizziness and earaches.

If this has been going on for a considerable length of time, I doubt its labrynthits. My bet is that it's linked to your TMJ and once you get that solved, the rest will follow.

If you need any further help, or just need someone to vent all your frustrations too (so long as your willing to put up with mine) don't hesitate to email me.

Good luck

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