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Here's my story - I think I found the right group

Here's my story - I think I found the right group

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Posted by Brian on July 07, 2000 at 19:39:17:

I am 38 and have been very healthy all of my life. Two weeks ago, I played golf and afterwards went out and had two drinks with a friend. On my way home, I start getting light headed and dizzy, I believe I started to panic trying to get off the road before I passed out. I finally got off the road waited for about an hour and then drove home. At first I thought was maybe a combo of no sleep and the two drinks, but after I settled down I knew it wasn't the alcohol. So what just happened to me. The next couple of days were fine, and then it happened again. I started getting dizzy when I drove. My stomach started tickling like I was on a merry go round, but I get extremely anxious when this happens. Next, I thought it was my car, no such luck. Today I tried to go to work which is an hour drive because yesterday was fine, and I couldn't make it. I had to have my wife come and get me. I got off the freeway and felt extremely paniced when I was at a stop light and didn't know what to do. I was OK if I could go 10-15 miles an hour. Anyway, today was my first visit to the doctor so I thought I could share this as it progresses or hopefully gets better. My blood pressure and heart rate were fine, he did ask if I was under pressure (No! I paniced because I thought I was going to pass out and had no control of the situation.) He suggested an inner ear problem and prescribed a motion sickness over the counter drug. (meclizine) I took one about 2 hours ago and I still feel light headed. (Kind of like I'm holding my breath under water for a bit too long.) I have a suggestion... As it seems many others are having similar symptons, perhaps we could help each other. If any of you would like to send me any information such as how long this has been happening, how old when it first started, describe exact feelings, ect. Anything and everything, I will start to compile the data on an excel spread sheet and share it with everyone,and maybe we can come up with something... who knows. Any comments are welcome. Brian email [email protected] Good luck to everyone.

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