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Re: "Clicking" in Ear

Re: "Clicking" in Ear

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Posted by tom f on July 30, 2000 at 18:51:20:

In Reply to: Re: "Clicking" in Ear posted by Susan W on June 18, 2000 at 18:43:03:

: : : : I have had "clicking" or "popping" in my right ear for about 1 year now. Every time I swallow,
: : : : my ear "clicks." This happened after about 2 weeks witht he Flu last year. I thought it was
: : : : due to fluid build up in my eucstacian tube. The ENT doctor did not see any fluid in there.
: : : : He thought that it was because I have a deviated septum, that the pressures are not equal.
: : : : He recommended surgery for deviated septum. I do not want to go through this surgery. I feel
: : : : I have no problems with my nose. I was in a car accident when I was 3 years old...broke my
: : : : nose, but everything looks and feels fine in there. Can I become hard of hearing due to this?
: : : : I can live with the "clicking" noise, I just don't want anything else to happen. I do have 30%
: : : : hearing loss in my other (left) ear. Don't want to loose any more hearing. Has any one else
: : : : had this? What did you do for it? Thank you for any adivce you can give me.

: : : Dear Sue,

: : : Your history and symptoms are consistent with eustachian tube dysfunction which is typically
: : : treated with nasal corticosteroids and/or decongestants and antihistimines. Although this
: : : condition can be very annoying if left untreated, it should not lead to any permanent hearing loss.
: : : The unilateral hearing loss you mentioned, however, may be an indication of a more serious
: : : condition and should be thoroughly evaluated by an audiologist and an ENT physician. Hearing
: : : loss typically occurs equally in both ears and when it doesn't and when the difference can't easily
: : : be explained, for example, by significant noise exposure or head trauma to the most affected side,
: : : a full audiologic and otologic (ENT) exam is indicated. At the very least you should have your hearing
: : : rechecked in 6-12 months to see if the hearing in your left ear is stable or sooner if you notice any
: : : changes before then. Although it is very unlikely that there is any serious condition underlying
: : : the hearing loss, you could suffer further hearing loss in the affected ear and possible other
: : : neurological symptoms if there is a problem and it goes undetected.

: : John:

: : Thank you for your advice. I did fail to mention that I have had several tests done: Cat Scan, MRI of head/brain and a full hearing test. I was taking decongestants also. Yet the doctor seems to think it is due to unequal pressures coming from my deviated septum. Not sure if I agree with this. I do not seem to have any more problems other than the "clicking" every time I swallow. Right now, I am doing "nothing" about this condition. Everything was normal on the MRI, etc. I will schedule another hearing test in about 6 months, just to see if there are any changes. Again, thank you very much for all your advice and help.

: Sue, just wanted you to know, that I too have symptoms that you have described, popping clicking (wet sounding) every time I swallow. ALthough I also have a couple more symptoms, ear presure or fullness, and dizziness. I have had this for 2 yrs now 24/7, as with you, you name it IVe had it done, I also have been in 2 yrs of pain with TMJ, and have been told all of my ear symptoms are common of this as well, So I can realte to you, its no fun. I do have been on all the decongestanta etc, man I wish thats all it was. KInda feel very easily "dismissed" by ENT doctors in my city, kinda sad actually, their inability to know about ear problems in conjunction with other things (such as TMJ)>...oh well....Ill keep searchin, if ya find anyone that helps ya, can ya post here for me to see pelase, thanks...and Hope your better soon.

Hi Sue,
I too have clicking and pressure in my right ear.
My ENT told me the same thing, that it was due to unequal pressures caused by a deviated septum. I went ahead with the operation and have noticed a definate change in breathing, however the clicking and pressure remain.
Now I am looking for alternative methods. Some people claim that chiropractors use a method which expands the cranium from the inside out. They place a balloon inside your nasal pharynx and expand it until it reaches your throat. The information on this subject is difficult to find.
I'm continue to look for answers to this problem everyday. Good luck.

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