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Re: Has anyone ever been cured???

Re: Has anyone ever been cured???

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Posted by Howard on August 18, 2000 at 21:51:20:

In Reply to: Re: Has anyone ever been cured??? posted by Forest Parker on August 07, 2000 at 18:32:45:

Mr. Parker, thanks a lot for you reply. That's one
thing I haven't tried, although I've been to a chiropractor several times for back pain, and it always works. I'll discuss this with my regular chiropractor and give it a try. I'm really glad to see that at least one person has had this curse removed. thanks again,

: I'm a year your junior and have had all the same treatments (short of tubes) that you have had over the past two years. Nothing drained my eustation tubes permanently. They would be cleared only when I first awoke in the morning and would quickly refill as I began moving about.
: Tubes were next.
: Then a coworker told me that her chiropractor (yes, I know all "real" medical professionals laugh here) had been successfully treating her sinus conditions (allergies, etc.).
: Believe me, I was willing to try anything. I had turned to chiropractic when I had a skiing related TMJ injury in 1985 and whiplash injuries in 1989. My dentist wanted to file my teeth down to make my bite work in '85. I knew it was a new development following a bad skiing fall, so no deal. In '89, the neurologist gave me so much medication that I had an allergic reaction in the form of scalp and body rash, that I got to visit three other specialist's before they figured out I should just stop the medication.
: But I digress.
: I went to the chiropractor.
: My atlas (the top most vertebrae on your spine, attaching it to your skull) was "out". I had felt the knot on the right side of my neck just under my skull, as had my wife when she would rub my neck. We just wrote it off to tension.
: The chiropractor adjusted my neck and BINGO!!! My ears drained before the day was through and have stayed clear (with only one follow-up visit)for almost a month.
: I'm going to chiropractic for everything that is not an actual infection from now on!!
: If it ain't a 'biotic then an anti-biotic will not fix it!
: My recommendation is to see a reputable chiropractor, ask till you find one who can tell you of successes that s/he has had with other patients. Good luck .... it worked for me...fp.

: : I'm 52 yrs. old and I've had chronic fluid in the ears and dizziness for over 10 years. I've been through all the treatments discussed here, including tubes in my ears now. The attacks are not quite as numerous as in the past, but I still have severe problems several times a year. Has anyone ever been cured from this curse? Is there any hope at all? I'm having a lot of problems working, and traveling to see my new grand children born this year that live a thousand miles away. I can't fly. Isn't there a way to open the eustation tube or bypass it?? I can't get an answer from the numerous doctors I've been to.
: : thanks

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