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Any ideas for me ?

Any ideas for me ?

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Posted by Jon Read on August 19, 2000 at 20:13:01:

Hi all.

I have been having loads of problems since 2 and a half years ago. It all started from a weird sensation which felt like I was dropping, this happened when I tilted my head to the side and it was shortly after me getting up and down fixing a stereo (and after a big meal). Anyway I have thousands of dots in front of my eye which becomes worse when looking at the sky or pale things, I feel off balance sometimes and very dizzy. Also when I walk it can feel like I have had a drink or two, not only the balance but also the general "spaced" feeling. Seems like I am not all there, and in a day dream. I can panic easy and do get paranoid. Also when I am in shops I feel so uncomfortable and unbalanced that I have to get out of there. Although for some reason it happens in various shops more then in others. I can't stand for very long as I am always uncomfortable. Also some days I feel so bad I can't drive or do anything as I am so dizzy and spaced out doing anything other then sitting would be dangerous. I have had many tests but for some reason other then a basic doctors ear thing I haven't had any tests done on my ears. One consultant said I could have an inner ear problem but it was left at that, a maybe, and a identical type of doctor (neurologist - who I went to see for a second opinion) didn't even mention about my ears but gave me some stupid exercises to do with my head which made me so ill I was nearly sick (moving my head a lot and fast makes me ill).

Can anyone give me any advice ? Be much appreciated.


Jon - Email if you like.

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