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Re: Lightheaded and miserable!

Re: Lightheaded and miserable!

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Posted by EM on September 05, 2000 at 17:45:54:

In Reply to: Re: Lightheaded and miserable! posted by Wendy on June 23, 2000 at 08:35:03:

: Dear Chris,

: I am not sure what you have exactly, but I have a theory about a conditon that I have called Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. I developed this condition about 10 months ago and it caused a weird dizzy sensation, much like the one you described. I too was undiagnosed for months prior to developing ear fullness which lead me to believe I had ETD.

: My theory is that I believe that it is possible for people to have various forms and degrees of this wacko condtion that goes undiagnosed for many years, like in your case. The weird "off" feeling you have in your head does cause panic and anxiety which also makes it difficult to diagnose.

: ETD is hard to diagnose because there is no one good test to perform to confirm or rule out ETD. A tympanogram is the only test I know of that can tell if there is a problem. I had 3 done, and the first 2 were completely normal.

: I do think it would be possible to have ETD, with normal test results.

: This is just a theory of mine, and I do not have any suggestions on any course of action for you.

: ETD is where your eustachian tubes become swollen or inflammed due to allergies or sinus problems (neither of which I have, but that's what they say)and the pressure on the inside of your ear is different to the pressure of the outside air. This causes dizzyness or an "off" feeling, fullness in the ears, mild headaches, etc. I have been talking to many people about this conditon and have experienced many other symptoms that doctors are not willing to admit are possible with ETD. Some of those symptoms would include, the numbness in your extremities (due to anxiety of your head not being right) and sensitivity to certain sounds. I have had that feeling in my ears. Like an echo feeling in your ears? If you tapped a spoon on the counter, you would hear the tap and then a strange vibration or pulse in your ears that throw you off for a second. Do you experience that?

: You do not have all the "classic" or "text book" symptoms of ETD, but I just have this theory that many people have this ETD, but go undiagnosed and untreated because of the lack of knowledge of the medical community and the varying degrees and symptoms of ETD.

: Best of luck to you. My thoughts are with you. Let us know how you are doing.

: Wendy
: [email protected]
Dear Wendy,

You are right on the money about doctors lack of knowledge. I have been fighting the "off" feeling you describe for three years. I have been to the Mayo Clinic for two weeks and taken every test you can imagine. Nothing. I know it is ear/balance related because I can simulate the condition when I ride a bike. I was never told about the possibility of ETD. The realization that I am not going nuts makes dealing with this sort of thing a heck of a lot easier. Bottom line, the doctors don't know everything. When they don't know they can't handle it and they say its stress or some other self induced crap. If you look at the history of medicine you will see this to be a long trend. Everyday they find out more and more that what they use to call stress related illness is really just stuff they missed. Ulcers are a perfect example. They Know now that ulcers are caused primarily by a treatable infection, not stress. They cure them with antibiotics! The medical community needs to take a hard look at this and a thousand other similar message boards and see all of the people crying out for help. They can't find the answers until they stop long enough to realize they don't have them. Todays medical community message:
"If it isn't something semi-common like Minears, Otosclerosisor or a virus, forget finding a diagnosis. Live with it, your screwed!" Woops, sorry.... just venting a little.

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