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Re: Chronic unsteady feeling!

Re: Chronic unsteady feeling!

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Posted by drk on September 10, 2000 at 05:57:04:

In Reply to: Chronic unsteady feeling! posted by Tina on September 05, 2000 at 02:49:21:

point I do realize that these doctors can't do anything for me and that I will have to live with this feeling. Allow me to describe what I feel, hopefully some of you can relate:
: I feel constant movement, like the ground is moving under me; another example is you know when you are boarding an airplane and the airline crew is throwing the baggage unto the aircraft, well while standing there waiting for a another passenger to put their stuff away, you feel this movement down below. I feel this all the time! I also tend to feel very unsteady when I am walking or standing on a surface that is uneven. I must also put this one in, when I am stopped at a stop light with my foot on the brakes, I know that I am stopped, but when the car next to me moves even just a bit, I will feel totally off balance even though I'm not moving!!! Its a strange feeling, its like any movements exterior of me triggers this unsteady feeling. I'm sorry to have to explain, but I think its crucial to use as much detail as possible, without having to tell someone that you're just dizzy! Dizzy can mean many different things. Its extremly annoying and frustrating. I don't take any medications, being that nothing will help me. I just want this to go away.... My neurologist has me doing these exercises lying down for benign positional vertigo. Please respond, it really does help me to know that there are people who experience the same thing as I do.

I have been fighting the same for years! I take benidril(sp) and gravol( again sp) which seem to help. I also pinch my nose and blow severl time which also seems to help.

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