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Re: Hearing Loss & Tinitis

Re: Hearing Loss & Tinitis

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Posted by Kimberly on November 02, 2000 at 12:15:05:

In Reply to: Hearing Loss & Tinitis posted by Kathy Smith on November 02, 2000 at 11:28:16:

: Four days ago, I woke up with a "full" feeling in my left ear (no pain). I went to my Dr. the following day and was diagnosed with Otitis Media and given antibiotics. Two days later, there was a buzzing, humming, whooshing noise as hearing loss. I went to an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. He couldn't see any problem in my ear. I had a hearing test which showed hearing loss in that ear. He prescribed stronger antibiotics for one week. The next day, I'm worse. I can't hardly hear at all out of the left ear the noise is worse and I'm dizzy. I have no pain and no fever.

: What could this be?

You'll find you'll talk to ten people and get ten different opinions. I've had similar symptoms since May 2K and somedays, like today, I can hear out of my, left as well, ear and other days, like yesterday, it was totally blocked. No pain, no fever, no imbalance...just blocked or a stuffed feeling and hyperhearing. I have been tested when I am blocked and have have up to 60% loss on those days. I was checked for allergies and I am allergic to mold which is huge where I live (Seattle area). My doc has me on Clairtan which is not helping and diuretics to purge the water out of my system. They have not been able to really help me at all.

I have found since May that when the weather is hot and dry my ear is good. We had a spell of hot, dry weather here from July 24 through the end of August and I was great. Then it got wet again and poof! Also was in central Washington two weeks ago where it was dry and had relief. So now I am trying to determine if barometrics play into this and weather.

Where do you live, BTW? Anyone else see any changes with weather and your ears?

This sucks!

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