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Re: Feeling Unreal !!!!!!

Re: Feeling Unreal !!!!!!

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Posted by Sandy on November 03, 2000 at 13:44:19:

In Reply to: Feeling Unreal !!!!!! posted by Shafait Butt on November 03, 2000 at 10:31:34:

: I was wondering if anyone has heard of this problem. My girlfriend has been suffering from an
: ear problem for the last 18 months. It all started whislt she was at work (she worked in a call centre)
: last July. She left work early one day as she felt light headed, as if drunk.

: Shes has the following symtopms :

: ....not feeling as if she has control over her body
: .....feeling as if she is detached from the world
: .....sometimes unable to move her limbs
: .....feeling unsteady
: .....feel as if she is dreaming
: .... leading to feeling very depressed

: We have visted the best ENT in UK (Leicester) but doctors have been unbale to come up with any
: solutions, although they have diognosed her with Oscillopsia, which basiclly means
: Vistabular Dysfunction with Visual pretance.

: None of the ENT specailist have come up with any remidies, but have suggested that its some sort of
: balance disorder and suggested carrying out head exercises that should rest the balance, they
: suggested this back September, but they never worked......shes still feels the sama as she did last July.

: Shes has also been for an MRI scan which showed nothing out of the norm. My guess it has something to
: with her eyes and the way shes sees things and the way the brain interprets these images.

: This has affected her really badly, shes was a normal young women (shes now 21) working 9 - 5,
: but shes been unable to work for nearly 1year and half, shes hasn't really changed a lot personality wise
: but she does look at life differently.

: Shes is really sufferening, not in a pain sort of way but more mentally, with thought that she doesn't know
: what is happening to her and how long will it go on......she really is scared!

: I have never really suffered from any Ear problem (touch wood), so its really hard to describe to you how
: shes is feeling, I'm only explaining what she has told me....manu people say it could be psycological,
: but I know her and I know shes is not incontrol of what is happening to her. So if anyone can shed
: any light pls replyn or mail me on [email protected] and God bless.

I too know what she is feeling my name is Sandy and since Jan. I have had the same problems . I feel just like your friend very disconected I feel like I never really quite wake up, kind of like when someone wakes you up and you just fell asleep. It has been constant for me since it started. I do have times that I feel better but never completley . I smoked pot 1 time in my life and thats the only thing I can compare it to. When It first started they treated me for a sinus infection but that didnt help. Then they sent me to an ENT who looked in my ears and said I must be having tension Headaches. My ears have felt stuffed since this all began. Next my doctor thought maybe It was in my head so he sent me to see a shrink. Well after 6 meeting she said It seemed that my problem is physical!! So next my GP sent me to see an allergist who tested me and I was allergic to most all the allergens. So I am now on shots 2 times a week. Its been 3 months of shots and I have yet to see a change but they say it takes a while. In the mean time I live in this daily nightmare that very few people seem to understand and at times I question myself If Im not going crazy!! I do function fine as a mom and a wife. But sometimes It gets the best of me!! I wish your friend luck but let her know shes not alone. Whenever I feel real bad I read some of the posts on this board of other people going threw the same thing and then I know Im not alone. Good Luck Sandy

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