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Re: My Wit's End

Re: My Wit's End

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Posted by twa on August 10, 2000 at 16:40:16:

In Reply to: Re: My Wit's End posted by Ann on August 09, 2000 at 20:40:56:

: : : : I am SO glad I found this message board and you well-informed people. Let me give you a short

: : : : history of my problem. Senior citizen, diagnosed with IBS. Could not have a colonoscopy

: : : : because of adhesions from ovarian cyst surgery. Barium enema was perfect!

: : : : The real problem, diarrhea.

: : : : AND I mean diarrhea, it happens anywhere and at anytime. I am unaware that I am going to

: : : : have a BM and here it comes, unbeknown to me. I wear protective garments, continually. I am

: : : : nearly unable to leave my house and am NEVER able to eat away from home.

: : : :

: : : : I take generic Bentyl, 10mg-3 times per day and 20mg at bedtime. I do have some cramping

: : : : and gas but they are minor ailments.I think my gastro dr. has run out of tests to run

: : : : and now is trying different meds. The meds have helped nothing. I have not been on the newer

: : : : meds. I do not tolerate meds good and less meds is better for me.

: : : : I have just finished trying Questran and was getteng such stomach cramps I could not get out

: : : : of bed. This is the first cramps I have had this bad. My dosage was 2 packets per day.

: : : : I have found so much knowledge here, I thank you all. I see gastro dr. tomorrow and I

: : : : am telling him I am done being his guinea pig and will live with this IBS the best that I can.

: : : : I can't see that stress is the complete factor in this. Thanks so much for listening. Shirley

: : :

: : : Believe me! I understand! You might read all of Harry's posts on a fiber regimen. I know is sounds scary, but from what I can tell, just about everyone who tries it, has some success! Good luck!

: : : Angie E

: : Agreed! We all understand. I, for one, am a firm believer in fiber. I thought that I was too young to need to take fiber on a daily basis. So even though my doc and everyone else said I should, I didn't take it seriously for a long time. When I finally started using it in earnest, my daily symptoms turned to weekly symptoms...and so on. I still have problems. It's certainly not a cure all, but it helps to get you on an even keel.

: : Good luck!-----twa

: If your Dr. is telling you that IBS is caused by stress, he's in the dark ages and you should run to find another one. One med that Rochester Mayo put me on was Elavil (generic) 10mg. at night. It takes about 2 months to see it work and the side effects go away in about 2 wks. I'm not sure, but isn't bentyl for bloating & cramping, not diarrhea? I use dicyclomine, for bloating & cramping, which I think is the same type of drug (I only take it as needed, not daily). Haven't you tried Immodium for the diarhhea? All of these things improved my situation a lot for about 2 yrs. Now I'm really bad again, and I think it's because of a lot of hormone changes which are triggering it. I'm in the process of researching this, but in the meantime I've even resorted to starting fiber yesterday. Mayo reccommended that too, but it just seemed to go against the grain. (no pun intended) Good Luck

You're right. IBS isn't caused by stress. It is, however, aggrivated by stress. Have you never heard of getting "your bowels in an uproar"?
------Sorry, but I love that one------twa

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