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Re: Message For Angie E.

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Posted by Angie E on August 11, 2000 at 08:46:46:

In Reply to: Message For Angie E. posted by Janet on August 11, 2000 at 02:53:08:

: Hi Angie. Well, I can now say I have experienced both the Upper AND Lower GI's! Oh yeah!! To be honest with you, the upper was worse than I thought it would be. I really didn't think I would have a problem drinking the barium. Before they had me do that, though, they made me take this crystal, powder like stuff that erupts like a volcano in your mouth. You chase it down with water. This is to create air in your intestines so they can see better. I gagged a couple of times with that. Then they tell you not to burp. THEN..... I got to drink the barium. I handled that a little better. Everything was fine, they didn't find anything. When we left (we were in San Fransisco) the nurse told us to go out for a nice lunch. I was ready to eat. Well..... in the car my stomach erupts. I had the worst gas in my entire life. I then had diarrhea the rest of the day. I had another appt. with a urologist later in the afternoon in the same building ( I have what is called a horseshoe kidney, and he wants to see if a blocked ureter is causing my right sided pain). I tell him about all of this and he said "Oh yeah, lots of people get sick after an upper GI". I'm thinking "Why in the @#$% did they tell me to "go out for a nice lunch""?!! I'm still trying to keep the sense of humor about all of this, what else can we do? Anyway, everything was normal. Again, I kinda wished they would have found something, so I could put a name on it. Talk Soon, Janet

I know exactly how you feel! If they find something, at least they can fix it! Sorry you had such a rough time with it. I didn't have diarrhea or anything else for that matter for about 6 days after. I had to take a laxative just to get the barium out of my system. I am glad that everything turned out ok though! I am thinking about canceling my sigmoidoscopy. I know the blood test will come back negative. I feel like its almost worth putting up with the diarrhea and the other symptoms just not to have to deal with another dr! At least the upper Gi is over with and you shouldn't have to do it again for quite a while. How could they tell you to go eat? All I wanted to do was throw up and go to bed! I think my sense of humor is about to take a leave of absence!
Angie E

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