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Re: OLESTRA and Olean!!! Bad, bad, bad, baaaaad stuff!

Re: OLESTRA and Olean!!! Bad, bad, bad, baaaaad stuff!

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Posted by Mark Leitzchesen on August 17, 2000 at 20:58:13:

In Reply to: Re: OLESTRA and Olean!!! Bad, bad, bad, baaaaad stuff! posted by Angie E on August 12, 2000 at 09:24:44:

: : Hi,

: : Olestra is a product that is a "fake fat" and is used in place of regular oils etc. (i think)

: : It is not approved for use in Canada for many reasons. One of the reasons being it does cause loose stools and an inability to control them!!
: : Very scary for those of us with IBS!

: : I"m glad it is not available here because it is deffinately not a product I would want to consume.

: : Harry probably knows more about this!! He knows everything!


: Hi! I discovered the problem with Olestra the hard way! Within 10 to 20 minutes of consuming them I had extremely bad diarrhea that lasted for 1 1/2 days! Olean is another problem. Same stuff, different chips. Beware of Lays' WOW chips! Unless you are constipated of course. Olean and Olestra are so bad, even warnings about it state diarrhea, cramping and "anal leakage". Isn't that a pleasant thought when you are doing the laundry!
: Angie E

This Olestra thing has caused my family a lot of trouble! You see, my son and daughther, ages 10 and 9 respectively, got these chips at school and ate them like any other chips. The next few days both my kids stayed within running distance of the bathroom, the diarrhea just kept coming! My son had at least 12 bouts of diarrhea in two days, while my daughther had it REALLY bad, with a record of 17! Needless to say, both of them now shun this Olestra stuff like the plague. No wonder it's illegal.

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