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Re: He Ordered a Colonoscopy....Finally!

Re: He Ordered a Colonoscopy....Finally!

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Posted by Angie E on August 20, 2000 at 17:44:00:

In Reply to: He Ordered a Colonoscopy....Finally! posted by Kimberly B. on August 20, 2000 at 16:26:44:

: Hi, Everyone:

: Sorry about not getting back sooner. Past couple of days have been nerve wrecking for me. Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my "vent" session on here last time; I appreciated it.

: Well, went to the MD on Friday and what he basically said was: that my blood "seds" (????) came back high, so he believes that I'm suffering from an Inflammative Colon, not irritable. To be quite honest, I don't know what the difference is...but that's what he suggested. He also noticed that my Thyroid results came back somewhat what he hadn't expected and had them reordered. He also put me on DOXEPIN 10mg (an antidepressant) 3 times a day to help me relax. He asked me if I "felt" anxious. I said, well...wouldn't I be if I didn't know when the next BM would take place? LOL I've been on that before for other reasons...only side effect is that it really sedates you at times, luckily he's suggested small gradual dosages. And lastly, he ordered a colonoscopy. I will have it done on Sept. 8th---I'm nervous, but anxious to find out what's going on.

: So, here it goes....And as far as the lotronex, he said if it wasn't helping...not to take it. He suggested I take Lomotil to help when it could. Now is just a matter of waiting on the Colonoscopy. I finally feel somewhat "validated" someone really noticed that just taking some "immodium" will let it pass. Someone taking me serious---Wow!

: Wanna hear something else great? I just sold my Ford Explorer the other week...and my husband mentioned to me yesterday...hey, maybe we will get a conversion van...with a custom-fit toliet...Put me on cloud nine! Silly, I know...but my own toliet on the road! Talk about an understanding husband! Not exactly an RV, but hey...a toliet, is a toliet to me---

: Enough said....By the way, has anyone ever heard about Thyroid having an effect on the colon?

: God Bless and take Care,

: Kimberly

I had Graves Disease which is a an overactive thyroid will cause MASSIVE diarrhea. It will also make you very irritable, nervous, shaky, hot, major weight fluctuations, unexplainable skin rashes, vision changes, and extreme fatigue. After I had my thyroid removed (that isn't the only treatment by the way...don't panic. There are less invasive ways)it eased up quite a bit. However, I have irritable bowel on top of it. Anyway, having diarrhea only 3 times per day was wonderful to me instead of 10 - 12 times!
Congrats on the colonoscopy! I've been fighting drs left and right to get one. My Primary Care Physician has been holding my referrals hostage. She will not refer me to the dr. I want to go to. She said she would send me to any other dr but him. Would not give me a reason. So, I can be just as nasty as she was, so I just called the dr. I wanted to go to, and asked them what general physician referred to him the most. They told me, and now I have a new primary care physican...So, there are many ways to skin a cat!

A van with a toilet??? I am so jealous! Never thought of that! What a husband!

Good Luck on the 8th!
Angie E

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