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Re: Questions, a lot to learn To-twa & Ann

Re: Questions, a lot to learn To-twa & Ann

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Posted by Harry on August 22, 2000 at 23:49:33:

In Reply to: Re: Questions, a lot to learn posted by twa on August 22, 2000 at 20:33:17:

: : : I have spent hours on this board since the most recent flare of my sons IBS. How exactly does a spasm manifest - is it followed by diarrhea and having to go? In my limited knowledge, it seems that everyone has differing symptoms - my son's is watery, watery diarrhea at high stress times. Does anyone have this as a main symptom and has Levsin helped anyone? I trust this doctor. He is a family practice physician, very caring, and I carefully explained the symptoms to him.

: : Thanks for any insight on exactly how a spasm manifests and anyone with any luck controlling chronic diarrhea with Levsin. It is to the point where I am afraid to send him to school as it breaks my heart worrying all day that he will have another embarrasing situation.

: :
: : P.S. Thanks Harry for the help on post below. I am aware that we have a lot of work to do on diet and stress issues and are starting, just want to get this diarrhea under control so he can feel safe at school while we continue to work on other aspects

: My heart goes out to you and your son. I know that "accidents" can be VERY embarassing, especially for teenagers.

: I use Levsin for my IBS. I'm one of the lucky ones who only has problems once or twice a week or so and not continually. Levsin works very well for me. It stops the pain almost immediately. I'm still working on a dose of imodium to go with it that is enough, but not too much. (I have a tendancy to get C after the D.) I'm down to one Levsin and a 1/2 of an immodium tablet. The tablet takes longer to work, but it still works fairly fast and is easy to carry around to have on hand.

: Start the fiber yesterday! You would not beleive the difference it makes. I was a non-beleiver until I was just so sick I was ready to try anything. It works.

: Good luck and God Bless--------twa

Hi twa &Ann,
twa - I guess you finished the Flagyl-I hope you made out OK!!I think the fiber pills you were taking contain calcium polycarbophil (FiberCon,Equalactin) it is a synthetic fiber and acts life an insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber does not absorb water as a result it is not a bulk stool forming agent and your colon does not work very well.They are used as a fiber laxitive.There are only two water soluble supplements that I am familiar with --Psyllium seed husk-(Metamucil& other brands) and Methylcellulose(Citrucel). I use Metamucil the one with the least sugar. What us IBSers need is water soluble fiber.I answered a message to Claire on 6/13 about fiber--you may want to read it. Take Care----Harry

Hi Ann,
You need to start you son on a water soluble fiber with lots of water. This is really a bowel forming agent==a bowel regulator for D&C. When you son has watery diarrhea,it readily washes out your colon and depletes the body of vital nutrients,vitamins, minerals and the friendly bacteria in the intestines. Lack of some of these minerals cause spasms in your colon(calcium, magnesium and potassium especially).Eat yogurt w/acidophilus will help replace the good bacteria in his intestines.

Levsin is basically a muscle relaxer for the longer parts of your colon. It will not help the diarrhea but as twa said---it helped her pain.It did nothing for me.I guess my pain was different.

I really think your Son should be under the care of a good Gastro-Doctor. Make sure you get a good one as you know all are not the SAME!!! Ask relatives,friends and ---ask your doctor who he takes his family to if as you say he's caring and then make the choice-----This is an extremely important decision for your son's future and health.
God Bless---Harry

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