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Re: Just diagnosed!

Re: Just diagnosed!

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Posted by Angie E on August 23, 2000 at 09:58:13:

In Reply to: Just diagnosed! posted by Dori on August 23, 2000 at 08:36:46:

: Help! I've just been diagosed with irritable bowel syndrome. My doctor has pumped me with antibiotics and
: some anti-spasm medication, but they really don't seem to be helping. Where can I go for diet restrictions/
: suggestions? This condition is hideous and potentialy
: life-altering (porto-potty, anyone?). Does this usually
: make you incredibly tired and your abdomen feel like it's on fire? My doctor, surprisingly, doesn't offer me any suggestions on how to help myself. Diet has to play a part (I'm certain). Any suggestions out there?
: Thanks! Dori

Hi Dori! First thing I would do is go through the postings on this board and read everything Harry has written, especially those on fiber. My IBS makes me fatigued and yes, my gut feels like someone has taken a low grade sandpaper and given my intestines the once over. Diet does play a part, but it is different for everyone. The only way I could stop mine, was and is to eat protein and no processed carbs such as bread, pasta,etc. The only thing I can eat with assurance are eggs and cheese. These things bother someone with IBS. When I have a bout of diarrhea, what I usually do, is just drink water for a day and give my body a rest. Then I ease back onto food, eating only what I know won't bother me. This is an extremely irritating condition and can be life threatening if not under some kind of control, such as a fiber regimen. I know that sounds scary, but it really does work. It forms stools, so you won't have diarrhea. But not just any fiber, Psyllium husk. I think most people on this board use Citracel or Metamucil. Harry is the Fiber King. Just keep coming back to the board and you will find many suggestions that will help. You will also find we are all good listeners and sometimes just venting your frustration helps. Sometimes, it's awful for the other people that I can type 90 words a minute and I talk alot! I can write quite a few novels! Just remember...we are here for you!
Angie E

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