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Posted by Angie E on August 25, 2000 at 16:58:24:

In Reply to: scared posted by Maureen on August 25, 2000 at 15:08:01:

: I have had Irritable bowel since last Oct. I ahve tried all these meds. I was taking the wonder drug Lotronex, But that just causes constipation.So now I am trying Peppermint pills and acidopholus pills. My stomach is so screwed up. I just can't take it anymore. my Dr. now wants to send me a colonoscopy and I am scared of what they may find, let alone the prep. You have to do for this proceedure. Stress levels are high and probably not helping me at all. I was fine since March but it started back up again about 3 weeks ago. I cut sugar completley out of my diet and dairy. I feel there is nothing left to eat except plain bagels aand pasta with vegs. Can anyone help or have know a way to help.

Number 1: The prep isn't that bad. You drink this stuff and yes, you will be pooping water! However, in my experience, there was no cramping. I found it much easier to take than my ususal bouts of diarrhea. There are several things that make mine worse, pasta, bagels, bread and anything processed. It helps me to eat protein, eggs, cheese and meat. Try to avoid bread and see if that helps. Number 2(no pun intended) In most cases, worrying about what they might find is worse than what they will find. With your symptoms, do you have blood in your stools? That would be something that could be serious. Notice I said "could" and not "is". Is there lots of mucus in your stools. Almost all of us on the board who have diarrhea, have mucus in our stools. Most of us don't know why and many of our dr.'s can't explain it. If you want a quick fix before your colonoscopy, I suggest you read Harry's posts on fiber. I know that that sounds a little frightening due to the fact that it is usually seen a laxative. Use Psyllium husk. Harry has written many posts on which ones to use and how much, so please take the time to read them. It helped me along with not eating processed carbohydrates (pasta, bagels, etc.) Read through the other posts and you may find something in common with several people. There have been many discussions about Lotronex, good and bad. And if you are scared (we've all been there)please write. We are here to support each other. If you are angry and just need to vent about a dr. (I'm not above doing that...)or respond to others, please do so. Number 3) If colonoscopies are the same where you are as they are in Texas where I am, you get to be sedated for a colonoscopy. My husband had one about 6 months ago. He's what you would call a "he" man. He's six one, 230 lbs, and was not at all interested in having something stuck up his rear end. I couldn't physically make him, I'm only 5'5 and 135 lbs. But his brother, 53 years old died of colon cancer and he decided to do it. My husband had three polyps, two which could have turned to cancer in 10 years are so. Afterwards, Mr. Scaredy Cat said it wasn't bad and he doesn't remember anything. And I will vouch for that. I had to help him into the house with no help! I'm meandering here, but my main point of all that, is a colonoscopy is not that bad. It beats not knowing! Good luck and let us know if we can help!
Angie E

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