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Re: Question for any IBS'er with children

Re: Question for any IBS'er with children

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Posted by Harry on August 27, 2000 at 21:26:52:

In Reply to: Question for any IBS'er with children posted by Ann S on August 27, 2000 at 14:18:36:

: I haven't seen any research on it, but do any of you that have IBS notice a tendency towards it in your children? My one oldest daughter(22) has had constipation problems since birth, but I never connected it with IBS till the last few yrs. cause I've mainly had problems with the D side of it. She also gets a sick stomach from various foods. My other daughter(19) has had D and C problems occasionally for the last 6yrs. I haven't shared my suspicions with them though cause they've seen me suffer so much and I don't want them to think that their future will be the same. It might not be either, and hopefully if it worsens for them, there will be better medical help by then. Ann S.

Hi Ann S.,
Sorry about your family's problems.All of us are different and have different constitutions and I'll bet your children are also diffrent. I have read that IBS is not inherited. Constipation is generally caused by not drinking enough fluid and too little fiber in your diet. D and C could be caused by the same---mixed with some stress in your child's life.Last week I posted a message to Dori about fiber and to Ann about her 15 year old and stress. I write alot about fiber.

MY message is the same ---Take psyllium husk fiber with alot of water as a supplement. It is a water soluble bulk stool forming agent that helps D as well as C. It is a simple thing to do and will solve many future problems.I read the other day that a doctor wrote about 50% of people are not helped by fiber. All fiber is not the same--some does not absorb water and does not act as a stool forming agent. Peanuts give me diarrhea if I eat too many ===they are not bulk stool formers(insoluble mostly).

Some foods can be TRIGGER foods that cause diarrhea---you have to ID them and eliminate them from your diet.Dairy, wheat, and corn are common culprits.
God Bless----Harry

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