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Re: Harry: What does diverticulitis feel like?

Re: Harry: What does diverticulitis feel like?

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Posted by Angie E on August 28, 2000 at 22:41:18:

In Reply to: Re: Harry: What does diverticulitis feel like? posted by Harry on August 28, 2000 at 16:16:33:

: : Harry:
: : I've been so good on my gluten free diet and have been feeling great. I've been cooking instead of eating out. When I did eat out this weekend, I asked what was in the sauces (all said flour) so I avoided them, but I was able to eat delicious meals at an Indian and a Greek restaurant. Italian is out of the question. Anyway, last night I cooked greenbeans with garlic, lemon and chopped pecans. It also had lemon pepper. Right before I went to bed, I had diarrhea and pains in my lower right abdomen. I know I did not eat anything containing gluten. After my bout of diarrhea, my right side was extemely sensitive to the touch and bothered me all night. It's still pretty sensitive today. The only thing I can think of might be the pepper and chopped pecans. I'll be having my colonoscopy in September, so I'll find out for sure then, but I just wanted your opinion. I also occaisionally have these pains on the left, but not at severe. I've noticed no blood or anything out of the ordinary other than diarrhea. Thanks!
: : Angie E

: Angie --Sorry about your problems.Your present problem sounds more like infammation or trapped gas. Diverticulitis is an infection of a diverticular --they can range in size from a small green pea to a thimble and when a particle of food get lodged in it---it can become infected ---having various degrees of symptoms like nausea, fever, very tender but the tenderness/pain is very localized. With mine I almost never run fever but I can put my thumb on the spot that is infected and sometimes it does radiate and my white blood count always goes higher than the upper normal of 10.6. The biggest reason I am a believer in water soluble fiber is that it keeps my diverticulars cleaned out.Since I started using fiber,my bouts went from 3 or 4 a year to about one every 3 years or so and it happens when I get more than reckless with eating.

: What happened to good old down Home cooking--- just greenbeans without all the other stuff?I lived in San Francisco for 3 years and I never ate at an Indian Rest. that the food was ok it was always too hot. Pepper is an IRRITANT ...citrus juices causes your mucus membranes to secrete more mucus than usual. Also, caffiene in any form is a big NO---NO for us.That includes the cup of coffee you have every morning.
: I think you are going to have to ease up on your gourmet style of eating and become a down-home country girl for a while!!! Take Care---Harry

I am a down home country girl! I have cattle in my front yard pooping all over the place. I have a worthless austrailan cattle dog that won't work cattle, I have 4 horses, jackrabbits in my yard and rats in my garden. I used the pecans in my greenbeans to, lets say, add a little culture to my life. I'm a wuss, I always order my indian food mild. Nuts in my greenbeans makes me feel, oh, I don't know...elegant. The coffee doesn't give me diarrhea though. I had diarrhea before I started drinking coffee. I didn't start drinking coffee until I started menopause. I thought it was time to celebrate! If you do the fiber, does that allow you to eat nuts and pepper?
Angie E

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