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Re: To Ann S/This message contains "female" information

Re: To Ann S/This message contains "female" information

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Posted by Ann S. on August 29, 2000 at 09:31:03:

In Reply to: To Ann S/This message contains "female" information posted by Angie E on August 29, 2000 at 09:18:40:

: Ann S:

: Yep...everytime I have a hormone fluctuation, whether it be for ovulation, during periods, and menopause, my IBS is considerably worse. I've had a hysterectomy, so the periods are not a problem any longer, but a resounding YES to IBS and menopause. While going through menopause (I'm only 35) I found that it doesn't make my IBS worse for a while, then all the sudden, my ovaries decide to kick in for a week and I'm miserable. The IBS is as bad as it has ever been. Your body is going through so many hormonal changes as a woman that I'm a firm believer that hormonal changes makes IBS worse. WHen I had periods, it was so bad, I couldn't get up. Had menstrual cramps along with cramping and diarrhea. This was also during high school, so immodium and midol were my friends. Not very good friend, they didn't work all the time, but buddies nontheless. After i went on hormone replacement, Estradiol, I had diarrhea more often, but not as severe. Eventually, it all leveled off. My IBS was at its worse while on fertility drugs. Clomid was the worst for me. Its strange, I"ve had IBS since I was 15, but I could always tell when I was about to start because of diarrhea. My periods were so irregular, that the diarrhea was my only warning. Sorry so long, hoped this helped!

: Angie E

Angie, thanks for sharing such personal info. I'm sorry, it sounds like you had more than your share of female problems without adding the IBS to it. If I understood you correctly, going on hormone replacement didn't really help the IBS??....I was hoping!!! Thanks again

p.s. Home cooking gets boring, right? Besides, my families' idea of home cooking consisted of frying everything in grease or bacon fat, not great for IBS either. Thanks again, Ann S.

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