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Re: In need of some reassurance!!

Re: In need of some reassurance!!

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Posted by Vickie on August 30, 2000 at 15:04:13:

In Reply to: Re: In need of some reassurance!! posted by elizabeth on August 26, 2000 at 18:56:41:

: : : Hi everyone. Usually I am busy running off with the mouth, responding to everyone's posts. Every once in a while, when I have a flare up of my own symptoms, I begin the "oh my gosh, what if it's this!" or "what if it's that?". This is when I need some reassurance. With every bout I have with "IBS" (still don't know if it's really IBS) I worry, especially about cancer. I am usually constipated, and then I will eat something (no consistencies) and have diarrhea for 2 hrs. until I am cleaned out. I also experience gas and cramping every so often. What really bothers me is this pain I get on my right side. I can't find much to associate it with. I have it when I am constipated AND when I am regular. It goes from just above my pubic bone, along the right side of my abdomon, and up around my hip bone. Sometimes my hip socket aches, and the ache runs down my whole right leg. The right side of my abdomon is sore to the touch, especially next to my belly button. I have had two ultrasounds to rule out gallstones, a barium enema, an upper GI, and lots of blood work. Everything was fine, except for some small diverticuli on the right side. I have mucus with and without my stools (sometimes by itself). For the women out there, the pain on my right side feels like ovulation pains, or a side ache (as if I have been running). My back also aches on the right. Right now my biggest fear is something gynechological, like ovarian cancer. They say this cancer can mimic IBS. I am sorry to rattle on, I realize some of you may have read my symptoms before, I just thought someone new to the board might have some suggestions or similarities. Thanks to everyone for the support. Janet

: : Janet:
: : I've had those same pains. Had them more often when I was younger and they were ovarian cysts. I've read also that ovarian cancer can mimic IBS and makes me nervous as well. I asked my OBGYN if a pap smear could indicate ovarian cancer and he said no. Have you had a pelvic lately. My OBGYN said that if there is something wrong with the ovary, they can usually feel it during the pelvic exam. I know when I ovulate I also get an extremely bad case of diarrhea for a while. It's diffent from the regular IBS. It seems more severe. I think its due to hormone fluctions at the time of ovulation. I had a sonogram done on my ovaries a year ago and they said they looked fine. I think That's the only way to tell. Maybe you can ask your OBGYN to do a sonogram on your ovaries. It made me feel much better. But I will tell you, everytime I have a hormone fluctuation as with ovulation and the sharp stabbing pain that goes with it, I have diarrhea. I also have diarrhea when my ovarian cysts were acting up. Sometimes they were dull aches that went down into my legs, sometimes they were so sharp they doubled me over. The only consistent thing was the diarrhea. Having the sonogram DID make me feel better about it. I wish they had removed mine with my hysterectomy. A year after my hysterectomy, I started going through menopause at the ripe old age of 31. I'll be 35 in two weeks. I've been on estrogen replacement for 4 years. So I have those useless cancer magnets in my body, not doing anything. So, I do understand your fear. My mother, before she had Crohn's Disease had uterine cancer at the age of 21 and had a hysterectomy. If you want to write more to me at my email address - here it is: [email protected]
: : Hope this helped!
: : Angie E

: Janet-I have pain around the bone on the right side-I guess it's a hip bone-not sure-right below where I'd wear a belt....tender and last November very persistent the day before blood appeared in my stool....a barium enema revealed diverticula.

Janet et al:
This is the first time I've seen your message board and the first time I've ever written on one...After almost three years of tests and scores of doctors, a new one yesterday has suggested IBS....the amazing thing is that my symptoms are almost identical to Janet's!! I have had this pain in my right side that varies in intensity and hip socket hurts and the outside of my hip sometimes hurts to the touch. I have had 2 sonograms of my right ovary (nothing), bariuim enema for diverticulosis (nothing), gallbladder/pancreas/liver sonogram (nothing), blood tests & stool tests (nothing)...One difference is that I have NEVER been constipated...Almost constant diarrhea...The one thing that helped for several months was eliminating all milk products from my diet (including whey, which is found in many processed foods)...The diarrhea stopped, but the pain stayed...I thought for awhile that it must be skeletal/muscular, but then the diarrhea came back after I heard some particularly bad news about a friend who had been diagnosed w/colon & liver cancer....My obnoxious ex-gasteroenterologist suggested counsling for my "cancer phobia" but the new doctor from yesterday put me on Lotronex....I've read the warnings about it, but it seems to be helping me over the past two days...I would love to see some more discussion on the pain in the right side, if anyone else has it....Also, if people feel like IBS symptoms are related to stress...I've had some major stress the past few years and realized yesterday that my symptoms began shortly after a loved one was killed in a plane crash....Vickie

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