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Posted by Renee F. on August 30, 2000 at 18:08:24:

In Reply to: scared posted by Maureen on August 25, 2000 at 15:08:01:

: I have had Irritable bowel since last Oct. I ahve tried all these meds. I was taking the wonder drug Lotronex, But that just causes constipation.So now I am trying Peppermint pills and acidopholus pills. My stomach is so screwed up. I just can't take it anymore. my Dr. now wants to send me a colonoscopy and I am scared of what they may find, let alone the prep. You have to do for this proceedure. Stress levels are high and probably not helping me at all. I was fine since March but it started back up again about 3 weeks ago. I cut sugar completley out of my diet and dairy. I feel there is nothing left to eat except plain bagels aand pasta with vegs. Can anyone help or have know a way to help.

I just had my colonoscopy 2 weeks ago. The worst part is the prep. The prep really wasn't that bad for me. The medications started at 7pm. The clean began at 3am, an hour and a half before the last medication. I took the last medication at 4:30, went back to sleep for the second time got up at 5am took my shower, hopped out of the middle of my shower, hopped back in my shower, went to the testing facility they took me straight back gave me a shot of versed to calm me down. Took me in the room gave me the shot to knock me out, they woke me up, I told I needed to go to the rest room. I ran to the rest room and let out the biggest gas bubble. I didn't know they blow air in there. You will have gas for about an hour afterward. I was scared to get a colonoscopy. I'm only 25. I waited 5 years, give or take, to even go to the doctor. I found out that day my colon was inflammed. They gave a prescription, I feel so much better. They also didn't find anything else out. Usually while they are in there and they find something, they take pictures and remove it so they can test it. You'll feel a lot better after having the test. I almost feel human again. Take care, and don't let the stress get to you to bad.

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