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Re: someone please reply--Jane Brody's column -what are somatostatin analogs and serotonergic antagonists

Re: someone please reply--Jane Brody's column -what are somatostatin analogs and serotonergic antagonists

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Posted by Ron, edited on September 09, 2000 at 01:07:52:

In Reply to: Re: someone please reply--Jane Brody's column -what are somatostatin analogs and serotonergic antagonists posted by Ron on September 08, 2000 at 22:36:01:

: : : : I'm sure you all read Jane Brody's excellent article about IBS. At the end of the article she mentions people getting relief by "somatostatin analogs and serotonergic antgonists." What are these? The article didn't say. Please someone help me with this i'm suffering terribly.
: : : -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

: : : Hi Dan,

: : : IBS is a diet caused condition. Regardless of all the meds that are touted, it is adviseable
: : : to look at your diet first and make some changes before trying to find the magic pill to cure
: : : everything.

: : : The following report should convince all the skeptics to save their money and eat wisely.
: : : Good luck to all...... Ron..........................

Report #6531 6/6/95

: : : If you suffer from belly pains and intermittent diarrhea and constipation, check with your doctor.
: : : Chances are that you will be told that you have irritable bowel syndrome.

: : : A diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome means that your medical evaluation found no obvious
: : : medical abnormality and that the most likely cause is a diet that is too low in fiber and too high
: : : in fat. Much of the food that you eat is absorbed in your upper intestinal tract, but some
: : : non-absorbable starch avoids absorption and passes to your colon which is loaded with bacteria
: : : that ferment the non-absorbable starch to release large amounts of gas. If the gas can pass
: : : out, it should cause no symptoms. However, if anything obstructs the flow of gas, it accumulates
: : : behind the obstruction and blows up the tube-shaped colon like a balloon, stretching the colon
: : : to its limits and causing tremendous pain. Eating food that is low in fiber and high in starch
: : : causes hard stool. However, fiber-rich food keeps everything soft. Fiber cannot be broken down
: : : and its large particles hold water to keep stool soft and pliable, letting the gas pass on its way.
: : :

: : : The vast majority of people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome do not have a serious
: : : disease. In one recent study, (1) fewer than one in 20 suffered from serious diseases, such as
: : : ulcers, cancers or pancreatitis up to 30 years later. The treatment for irritable bowel syndrome
: : : is to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans and avoid high-starch, low-fiber foods
: : : such as most bakery products and pastas.

: :
: : : DM Owens er al. Arthritis and Rheumatism 1995(Jan);122:107.

: Dear Dan,

: When I posted here, with what I thought was helpful knowledge for all, I did not intend to
: belittle what works for you. If you have found a MAGIC PILL that solves your problem
: I am pleased and happy for you.

: Many others are not so lucky and have been taking all kinds of meds for a long time with
: little or no improvement. It is these people that my reply was intended to help.
: The connection between what is eaten and how you feel afer you eat it escapes some people.

: If a person eats more than one slice of bread at one meal and also has a bowl of pasta and
: more bread for supper, and follows this with toast an coffee before bed the flour clumps
: together and forms a a hard rock of stool. Wet a slice of bread and roll it up into a ball.
: Leave it on the kitchen counter until morning and you will see what a hard rock of stool is.

: This eventually blocks the colon as if with clay, as it is dried out. When gas in the colon tries
: to pass around the stool it blows up the colon like a balloon and causes severe pain which feels
: like a knife in the gut. This pain passes in a minute or less as the gas gets around the stool.
: A few minurte or an hour later the same thing happens again as more gas has to get around
: the stool.

: When the stool is finally passed a day or so later, it is followed by diarrhea for part of the day
: until another hard stool blocks the colon again.

: Dan... I have BEEN THERE and DONE THAT and the removal of flour products from my diet for
: one week brought me more relief than all the expensive medicines that I had tried.
: By merely not having my usual Honey dipped donut or TWO and a coffee each morning, my
: problems were so much improved that I thought I was a new person.

: My earlier post may have annoyed you because you were expecting a more appropriate answer
: to your question. I replied to you because I wanted to make sure that you had tried all the
: simple things before you tried the difficult or expensive treatments.

: I did not find anything on my search for "seratonergic antagonists" except a few reports that
: described treatment for depression. I didn't think you wanted to hear about that, but since I saw
: your reply I thinkyou might want to know that there may be other factors that you should be
: concerned about besides IBS.

: If there is any question that you might want me to try to answer, please write back and
: I will do my best to reply to only your questions.
: The report that I attached was written by Dr. Mirkin who has 40 years experience and it included
: a medical journal reference in case anyone wants to look up the study. I did not just
: make it up to annoy you. I hope that the advice that I try to pass on helps some of the posters
: but there is no guarantee that it will help everyone.


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