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Posted by Ann S. on September 09, 2000 at 17:40:10:

In Reply to: Re: Harry Re: NATURAL SUPPLEMENT CURED MY IBS! posted by Harry on September 09, 2000 at 02:39:17:


: : :

: : : : : Thanks for the info Judy -- how long have you been symptom free by use of flaxseed oil capsules? I don't have three regular meals a day -- I kind of eat small meals throughout the day (b/c I found this to be easier on my digestion), how many pills do you usually take a day? Thanks a bunch! TK


: : :

: : : : Harry,


: : : : Have you ever heard of this helping or tried it yourself? Ann S.


: : : Hi Ann,

: : : I have taken Flaxseed Oil capsules and others like Evening Primrose Oil for many years.It has been recommended for many years as an aid for stool formation for diarrhea. I have even recommended it on this board for diarrhea along with fiber but have no idea where.I take it as a health supplement and if you take it normally --w/o D--I found it can produce C if you don't take fiber.


: : : Flaxseed oil is an Essential Fatty Acid(EFA). As you know the body needs fat but it needs it in the proper form and fatty acids are what makes up fats and oils in the body.The reason they are called essensial is they cannot be made in the body and are required for health.All cells in the body need EFAs and are essiential for producing new cells.EFAs do all sorts of things in the body.They are found abundantly in the brain and aid in nerve impluse transmissions and are necessary for brain development and functions.Help heart disease, skin& hair, blood pressure, aids in preventing arthritis, candidasis and other things.It has been documented that flaxseed oil can reduce inflammation, pain and swelling of arthritis and lowers cholestrol.


: : : There are baically 2 types of EFAs--called omaga-3 and omaga-6.They are found in fish oil, nuts, seeds,some vegatable oils such as primrose, grape seed, borage,soy, sesame oils and should be cold pressed because heat destroys EFAs. Also, heat produces the bad free radicals that damage cells. God Bless---Harry


: : Harry, how many capsules of the flaxseed oil do you take a day, and what times are best to take them? Also, I read that crack you made about me thinking that you don't believe in regular medicine. Not true! But, out of couriosity, how many different suplements do you take/day? If you were limited (3 or 4), which ones would you say are the basic minimums? God bless you too Harry for taking so much time to help educate us.....thanks.

: Dear Ann,

: The statement I made was not meant to offend you and if it did --I apologize.I thought your message was very good.

: I take 2 flaxseed oil caps a day -morning and supper(dinner) with meals.I take exactly what I suggested to you on 9/1 except I don't take the Cal-Mag that you need --I take Potassium -Magnesium because I need extra potassium (Hyperadosteronism) not calcium.The Daily Two Caps don't have enough of Calcium or Magnesium, VITs-- C, E and no Boron.A study by the government found that after 8 days on 3mgs of Boron women lost 40% less Calcium, 33% less magnesium and after menopause --you'll need this with Cal/Mag /Vit D to prevent osteoporosis or your Doc will put you on one of the calciums. I like Ester C because it enters the body 4 times faster,and one third as much is excreted as standard vit C,and the level of C in cells is much higher--4X.You could cut-out the Extra C &E.

: I really think --this is the minimum in our society since we just don't get what we need in our diets. Lack of some of these vitamins/ minerals can cause significant illnesses and I assure you in the future IBS may be a rather minor inconvience.

: You can order these from a vitamin store online for 30 to 50% off.

: By the way I am very familiar with Dr Marvin Schuster's(recently retired) work on the Johns Hopkins Faculty for 39 years.I just wish such a gifted doctor would have also been trained in nutrition.

: I am really only trying to help!!!

: God Bless----Harry

Harry, there was no offense taken...I thought it showed you had a sense of humor. In my family, teasing each other is part of our relationship....if you don't, then they think you don't care. I do appreciate all your info, and I think you're right, but I'm not sure I can handle taking all that stuff. I am trying to make some changes. Thanks...Ann S.

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