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Re: Bad Bowels, and my noisy stomach causes anxiey,

Re: Bad Bowels, and my noisy stomach causes anxiey,

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Posted by Harry on September 11, 2000 at 02:08:17:

In Reply to: Bad Bowels, and my noisy stomach causes anxiey, posted by Rob on September 10, 2000 at 20:07:44:

: I just found this message board and have been reading through it. At least I know that I'm not the only one with bad bowel movements and a stomach that loves to make noise.

: I noticed in my late teens that certain foods caused bad BM's and a lot of gas. I thought it was a "guy" thing. When I was 23 I was an intern working for the Department of Social Services in a small group home for troubled kids. As part of the internship I would sit in group sessions where the kids would discuss issues, their progress etc... It was here that I first noticed that my stomach made all kinds of noises that were very noticeable to others. The anxiety that this produced was incredible; I began to dread going to the sessions. At that point I became hyper sensitive to the noises my body makes.

: At 31 I accept the fact that going out to eat, eating various foods and drinking alcohol can cause very bad cramping, incredible explosive sounds from my insides and some rather embarrassing bowel movements. I cope well with close relatives, but outside of them it can be difficult. If I go to cookouts I barely eat, dinner parties are difficult, I try to eat small portions and hope I don't insult the host. I remember being at a wedding rehearsal and it sounded like I had a dolphin swimming around in my stomach. I have a thousand scenarios, all of which produced some degree of anxiety. I cope by trying to avoid the situations; I try to avoid business lunches, when there is no avoiding it I try to order something bland so that I won't have to run to the bathroom at work. The same holds true if I visit someone's house, or when I'm at work-I try to eat bland. Foods I enjoy I'll eat if my wife and I go out to eat I know I can return to the comfort of my home and deal with the after effects, or if I'm over a close friends house, or a close family relative, it's not so bad since we are close and the embarrassment is not there.

: There I times there's no avoiding it, I have to attend an event, I have to get my job done and in those cases I just bear down and hope things go well. When I go to social events such as a weddings or funerals I sometimes sit there agonizing about when my stomach will act up. Meetings at work can be difficult also. I have a wife who stays home, a young son and a mortgage. I know I can't lock myself up in a room to avoid this, I deal with it, but the anxiety takes it's toll-which OF COURSE probably makes it worse!

: Does anyone have any suggestions, or do I spend the rest of my life anxious about loud gurgles squeals, brewing sounds coming from my stomach?

: Again, I'm glad I found this message board, knowing others have similar problems and being able to discuss it openly is itself good therapy, hopefully there is a solution out there for me as well.

: If you would like to email me please feel free,
: [email protected]

: Thanks

Hi Rob,
Sorry you are having this problem. Usually an over-active GI Tract indicates you system lacks something like minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are natural calmers--take the daily rec. dose. I would try that first and also a good homeopathic remedy is "Ignatia" 30X --taken 3 doses a day for a few day should help. We are all so different yet so much alike!!!
God Bless---Harry

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