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*reassurance for everyone*

*reassurance for everyone*

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Posted by Kristin on September 20, 2000 at 21:34:41:

hello all fellow IBS sufferers. i am here to talk to anyone who needs a chat. i was and still am a sufferer of IBS. I thought that it ruined my whole life. but i'm here to tell you that i'm back on track and loving life more than ever.... abuot a year and a half ago i was a junior in high school. in the spring i got a sudden onset of IBS, BUT i didn't know what the HELL was happening to me. i was so scared and felt so alone. eventually it got so bad that i had to miss the last few weeks of the school year. everyone, including my family thought that i was making this all up. but NO ONE in their right mind would lie about something like IBS. FINALLY, i went to the doc and she gave me some anti-anxiety medicine called PAXIL. that helped me a little but my IBS was still pretty bad. i didnt' want to even leave My own house. i stoped socializing with all of my friends and got rid of my boyfriend because i was so scared. this went on all summer and i didn't get much better for months. finally, i realized that i HAD to take control of my life again, so i worked so hard to gradually get back into the things that i love. when mty senior year rolled around in september i was so far from being able to go back to that place. i begged my parents to let me home study. they had always known taht i loved school...but they agreed. so i ended up haveing a part time tutor all of my senior year. and beside IBS i ended up getting a severe depression and need (to this day) to take Effexor , an anti-depressant. i slowly began to go places and do things even though i was afraid. the aftermath of this fiasco included my loss of 15 lbs. because i was afraid to eat,which scared my mom. i began to eat more and put the weight back on and my life has been getting better and better since then. ***You have to want to help yourself*** doctors can talk to you and give you all kinds of medicine...but YOU are the one who heals yourself. my doctors thought i was a basket case who was imagining all of this stuff. but we all know that we have had serious illness that needs attention...goodluck to all of you and email me if you want to talk about this.

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