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Re: Harry: Do I have IBS and or diverticulitis

Re: Harry: Do I have IBS and or diverticulitis

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Posted by Harry on September 22, 2000 at 01:08:29:

In Reply to: Harry: Do I have IBS and or diverticulitus posted by michael r. on September 21, 2000 at 13:38:15:

: Harry: I am a 27yo/male who first had an abdominal attack five years ago the day after my wedding. It consisted of a pain in my right side. the consistency and not the severity of the pain is what is so painful. I cannot stand and no position brings any relief. I have these pains once every four to six months, usually after a stressful or depressing period. I have been diagnosed w/IBS. My bowel movements are abnormal and are sometimes accompanied by mucus. My question is do I have IBS and or diverticulitus. I ask this because I dont know whether these rare extremely painful attacks are related to IBS or indicate another problem. I also get hot flashes in my face late in the afternoon. If you could give me some advice(or anyone else), I would be very appreciative. Michael R.

Hi Michael,
Sorry about your problems.
Diverticulitis is an infection of a diverticular --- it is very painful, you may or may not run a fever.But, if it is diverticulitis your white blood count will increase to above normal of 10.6 --indicating the presence of an infection.The next time you have it--get your MD to fun a CBC blood test. Diverticulars come in many sizes from the size of a small green pea to the size of a thimble.The wide opening of the to the colon allows it to drain and get better with antibiotics. Your appendix on the otherhand is slender and is 3 or 4 inches long and has a narrow opening and does not drain readily if it is infected.As you may know with appendicitis your appendix has to be remove surgically.Also,I know several people that have had alot of problems with diverticulitis and had them removed.Both diverticula and appendix infections will make doubled over in pain.You did not mention how long the pain lasted.

You said you were diagnosed with IBS. Unfortunatly IBS diagnosis is very loosely thrown around by many Doctors that are not properly trained. True IBS diagnosis is made by either the ROME or Manning Criteria. A message posted by Krissy on 7/10/00 about true diagnosis of ibs is worth reading. At any rate you should be talking a bulk stool forming agent(fiber supplement) that is water soluble like Metamucil or Citrucil in powder or capsule form. It cleans your colon including diverticulas and folds and makes your colon just work properly.I think our colons developed over hundreds of years to process more bulk including fiber.With our diets today--we just don't eat enough of the right kind of fiber. I recently read that IBS is second only to colds in causing absences from work.IBS diagonsis is first an elimination process of all the bad things it could be---then learn to deal with your problem.Severe right sided pain that happens every now and then is going to be difficult to find the cause(Stress, gas, cramps, spasms, etc) and you may never find out until better methods are invented.
Hot flashes on your face in the afternoon could be any number of causes ranging from allergy, high blood pressure, the beginning of acne rosacea and I could list dozen more but it not directly connected to IBS.You could ask your Doc but I dou't think he will have a clue.
God Bless---Harry

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