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Re: Has someone made experiences taking IMODIUM over a long time to stop IBS with "D"??

Re: Has someone made experiences taking IMODIUM over a long time to stop IBS with "D"??

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Posted by Angie E on September 22, 2000 at 21:01:28:

In Reply to: Has someone made experiences taking IMODIUM over a long time to stop IBS with "D"?? posted by Matt B. on September 22, 2000 at 19:14:39:

: Hi,

: I am looking for people with IBS and a constant "D" who take Imodium often or every day over some time
: to share experiences (e.g. Does it work if I take it daily over some time or will I have to take more and
: more of it, does it effect my body in a bad way etc.).
: I had 5 years ago an infection with some salmonella bacteria which caused an IBS with a
: constant "D" over the last 5 years. My M.D. has ruled out all other causes and said it to be an IBS.
: I tried many things to stop the "D" inclusive the normal IBS-remedys, fiber, autogenic trainig, acupuncture
: and so on and so on. My health improved a little bit because of this but I still have to fight "D" every day.

: The only thing that worked was imodium. I take it in the job and in my private life if I have to go
: somewhere or to do something where no restroom ist availible.

: I would like to take it around the clock and every day to take my life back to normal and I would like to talk to
: people who have the same problem und who have experiences with imodium and could give me advice
: about problems and dangers.

: My M.D. couldnt give me Information about using Imodium in the long run, so I am seeking for
: Information here.

: best regards

: Matt


My experience with Imodium has been that it makes the Diarrhea worse in the long run. I always have to plan for a "blow out" day if I take it. I only take it if I'm going to be taking a trip. I wouldn't recommend taking it for a long period of time. Any more than I would recommend taking laxatives for those IBS sufferers with constipation. The psyllium husk fiber forms stools and makes you more regular so you know when you are going to go. I recommend reading Harry's posts on fiber. So far, it's worked for almost everyone whose tried it. Good luck!
Angie E

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