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Re: Irritable bowel syndrome

Re: Irritable bowel syndrome

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Posted by Harry on September 24, 2000 at 01:33:12:

In Reply to: Irritable bowel syndrome posted by Jennifer on September 23, 2000 at 19:40:29:

: I feel that I have a different case from most of the people who's messages I have read. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome when I was 18. I have never experienced a problem with this disease until last August. Since then, I am unable to go to a bar, resturant, mall, talk to someone for long periods of time, or be in a stressful situation without feeling like i am going to have an accident. I have been to several doctors who have no idea how to help. And I was recently put on Luvox, for obsessive cumpolsive dissorder(which I don't believe I have). I felt it may be working, until recently when I now have this urgent feeling to immedietly go to the bathroom while I am at work. If anyone has a similar situation and would like to chat plaese write.

Hi Jennifer,
Welcome to the IBS board. It sure seem like everyone is different with various symptoms.I have had IBS more years than I care to remember. Stress seem to be a big factor in controlling IBS.Stress unfortunately is a part of life.As you know going to places can introduce noise, crowds, anxiety about where bathrooms are located.If you have no problems with these situaions then that may not be stress related.My wife gets very anxious when in crowds and noisey places but she doesn't get the symptoms you have.But,stressful situations are connected to your GI tract. A new drug being tested for this is Zelmac by Norvartis but I don't think it has been relesed yet.A DR. Marvin Schuster worked at John Hopkins for 39 years was trained in both gastro and psyciatry came up with a treatment that uses a low dose of an anti- depressate drug that seem to help some people with IBS.You may want to do a search on the net about his work or ask your doctor about it.

You didn't say what you are doing to treat your IBS other than the OCD drug and it may cause some problems. Our objective is to have a good -gentle BM with a complete feeling. If you don't --I think you should be taking a water soluble fiber supplement like Metamucil(psyllium).You can also get psyllium capsules from a health food store. Start slow and build up to 4 a day.

I have the same effect you wrote about when I eat a Trigger food.I have found there are some foods that I just cannot eat but I like.I read an article last night written by a good Doctor that listed Milk Magnesia as a positive trigger for IBS'ers. Gee I guess!!!
Take Care----Harry

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