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Re: Tumeric? any experience with it?

Re: Tumeric? any experience with it?

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Posted by Angie E on September 25, 2000 at 10:25:25:

In Reply to: Re: Tumeric? any experience with it? posted by Harry on September 25, 2000 at 00:44:00:

: : I have read alot about Tumeric,have any of you tried it?? Krissy

: : Harry,if you read this,give me your opinion on Soy,i don't know why someone wrote Soy is bad?

: Hi Krissy,
: I know very litte about Tumeric. But,I'll paraphase my herb books---they says that it is used to protect the liver from toxins, decreases cholestrol and has a positive effect on platelets--it keeps them from sticking together thus preventing blood clots.It has antioxidant, anticancer,anti-inflammtory and antiiotic properties.It is a spice and the best way to get it in your diet is to use more curry. It has been used in India--I think it makes their food hot.

: Soy beans are a complete protien.My wife and I drink soy-milk daily. As you know it is in alot of food producds as well as tofu, soy flour, soy cheese and I think it's a heathy way to complement your diet with a meatless protein.I have read there are some people that are intolerant to it and it can be a trigger food.Soy is rich in estogen-similar substances called Phytoestrogens. A cup of soy beans contains about the equivalent--estrogen to a Premarin tablet.It is believed that in countries that eat alot of soy ---women don't have hot flashes and other menopause symptoms that we have in the USA. Other foods that contain Phytoestrogens are nuts,seeds, celery, parsley and fennel.As you know estrogen replace has a certain cancer risk--the estrogen obtained from soy is believed by many,including me, to be safer.That's why my friend Angie takes it--------right Angie.
: God Bless---Harry

Right Harry...and it keeps me out of prision...
Angie E

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