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Re: irritable bowel

Re: irritable bowel

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Posted by Harry on September 29, 2000 at 01:17:34:

In Reply to: irritable bowel posted by Alan on September 28, 2000 at 17:35:31:

: three years ago i had a bad rta,which broke both my leggs,hip,punctured kidney and internal bleeding.after a long and slow healing period im getting loads of pain in my stomach,chest,and arm area.over the past two years after alot of complaining to my gp and the specialist ive had an endoscopy.ct scan,and two weeks ago a angiogram. the angio came back all clear thank god, the specialist told me the ct scan would confirm to him that all i had would be ibs.the scan didnt show the bowel.still in pain,every night.i asked my gp if i could see a proffesor on this subject he replied not a f****** chance. any help would be appreciative.thanks.(the temper is boiling)......

Hi Allen,
You sure have had your share of problems and it sounds like dealing with your Doctor is one of THEM.I think I'd find another doctor that was more compassionate toward my pain.
The symptoms of IBS varies alot from person to person because we all have different constitutions.There is no medical test that I know of that can be conducted that will determine if you have IBS.It sort of a matter of eliminating the bad things like cancer, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis,and even lactose intolerance. There are no physical signs of IBS in the GI tract tissure. Lifestyle changes such as stress that you have had and diet are common causes. The overuse of laxatives, antibiotics,and even anti-acids can mess up your intestinal bacteria and may be a factor.The pain you have in the chest and arms are not normally linked to IBS. But, there are many diseases and disorders that are connected to IBS. I think you should see a Gastroentroligist to help find out your problems.After reading your message several times, You sound very frustrated and Ticked!!!

In the mean time I think you should take a water soluble fiber supplement like psyllium husk that is in Metamucil and others to help you regulate your BMs.You may think you are eating enough of the right kind of food but chances are you need more Fiber and all fiber is not alike.
Take Care and God Bless---Harry

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