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Re: Irritable bowel syndrome

Re: Irritable bowel syndrome

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Posted by Jenny on September 29, 2000 at 11:08:52:

In Reply to: Irritable bowel syndrome posted by Jennifer on September 23, 2000 at 19:40:29:

: I feel that I have a different case from most of the people who's messages I have read. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome when I was 18. I have never experienced a problem with this disease until last August. Since then, I am unable to go to a bar, resturant, mall, talk to someone for long periods of time, or be in a stressful situation without feeling like i am going to have an accident. I have been to several doctors who have no idea how to help. And I was recently put on Luvox, for obsessive cumpolsive dissorder(which I don't believe I have). I felt it may be working, until recently when I now have this urgent feeling to immedietly go to the bathroom while I am at work. If anyone has a similar situation and would like to chat plaese write.

OK, go to another Psychatrist or Doctor if they dx of Compulsive. I am a psychologist, and let me tell you that I diagnosed myself as well as my collegues did with somatoform (like hypocondria), Social Anxiety Disorder, etc. The DSM, which is the basis for all clinical dx. is filled with all types of dx that may mirror IBS symptoms, like anxiety, nervous stomach, shortness of breath etc. I seriously doubt you are compulsive, but get a second opinion. There are symptoms called referred pain and gastrointestinal referred pain, because you have a lot of nerves in your stomach as in your brain. Any good doctor should tell you, they are all connected. Seriously, I thought I was going "insane", I spent half of my time at work with other therapists looking up symptoms and diagnosis in the DSM

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