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Re: Any Suggestions?

Re: Any Suggestions?

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Posted by Janet on October 01, 2000 at 11:36:25:

In Reply to: Any Suggestions? posted by Elizabeth on October 01, 2000 at 10:02:37:

: I was diagnosed with either IBS or Crohns (haven't had "the test" -- waiting for insurance). I have had symptoms for ten years. When I was 14 they put me on an ulcer diet. When I was 18 they put me on a gas-free diet. When I was 19 they said I had epilepsy because I would cramp and pass out. Now they say it's probably IBS compounded by endometriosis (what it probably always was). I have no triggers -- meaning, I get sick even when I'm eating Jello and chicken broth. When I'm stressed I wake up a lot during the night with nausea and pain and then get violently ill in the morning. I vomit when the stress gets really bad.

: Here's my dilema. I dropped out of the working world to go back to school and try to go to medical school. I had my first exam last week and my second in a few days. I never had this in undergraduate school, but I can't sleep because of the pain and I can't eat until after 1 PM (because of the nausea). This is not good. I have to get up at 5 AM in a few days to take an exam and I just know that I'm going to be a wreck -- vomiting, diarrhea all morning, etc. Anybody know how to fight off an attack like that? I'm trying to get a lot of sleep, excercise, eat bland foods, have some fun, but I still am sick every morning and it's not even the day of the exam yet? I don't "feel" stressed, but obviously my body has a different opinion.

: Sorry so long-winded -- I really need some advice. I do have medicine (hyoscyamine) but it makes me groggy so I only take it for emergencies.

: Thanks! :)

Hi Elizabeth. Is the med. you have an anti-nausea med.? That is what I was going to suggest, I'm sure they have something to help the nausea that won't make you sleepy. I get motion sickness, and when I was four months pregnant we went on a cruise. Imagine my dismay when they told me that I would not be able to take motion sickness meds.(due to the pregnancy)!! I was told to take ginger capsules, as ginger is actually more effective than meclazine(spelling?), the main ingredient in dramamine. It was a very rough cruise, even the crew was sick, and I felt fine. I only had one day that I felt a little queasy, but I felt that way at home just from being pregnant. There was a gal on our cruise who was so sick, and she was taking motion sickness meds. I gave her some of my ginger, and she was able to come out of her cabin for the first time a couple of hours later! Anyway, try the ginger. I think they say to take two capsules three times a day. Good Luck, Janet

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