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Re: IBS vs. Crohn's Disease?

Re: IBS vs. Crohn's Disease?

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Posted by Angie E on October 01, 2000 at 21:46:47:

In Reply to: Re: IBS vs. Crohn's Disease? posted by twa on October 01, 2000 at 15:39:01:

: : Hi,
: : My M.D. diagnosed me w/IBS. For the last 9 months I've had alternating diahreah/constipation...I also notice that I've been having "thin" stool...from strictures in the intestines, I assume. This is associated with Crohn's disease ... not IBS. Any other IBS suffers with really thin stools?? I am not lactose intolerant, I have no pain in my stomach/gut and I have no blood in my stools. Just a feeling of general unwellness...and usually feeling really full, quasi-nauseated after I eat sometimes. It's the worst. I guess the only way to rule out Crohn's is thru a colonoscopy? Any advise? Also...anyone heard of SeaCure? I checked their website...they profess great treatment for IBS.
: : Let me know!!!
: : p.s. I'm only 26!

: I'm pretty sure that the best way to tell the diffenence between Crohn's and IBS is a colonoscopy. Read some of the posts on them. They're really no big deal anymore. It's really nice to have the weight lifted off of your shoulders by knowing for sure. As far as the thin stools...I have them sometimes, too. I have had a colonoscopy and they have ruled out Crohn's for me. The only thing that I have is IBS. I guess my point is that you can have thin stools with IBS and it doesn't mean that it's Crohn's. Get the colonoscopy and know for sure.
: Good luck and good health......twa

My mother had Crohns disease and it doesn't sound like you have it. She lost tons of weight (5 feet 4 inches and weighted 64 lbs) massive amounts of mucus, pus and some blood in her stools. A colonoscopy will rule it out. My mother had massive amounts of diarrhea. I also have thin stools and its pretty common with IBS. Crohn's disease is serious and you would pretty much like a train ran over you...if you are still worried, have the colonoscopy. I had one two weeks ago and it's a piece of cake and will give you peace of mind. Good Luck
Angie E

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