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Re: Colonoscopy, It's not so bad !

Re: Colonoscopy, It's not so bad !

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Posted by Sunil on October 01, 2000 at 23:54:05:

In Reply to: Colonoscopy, It's not so bad ! posted by Janet on September 29, 2000 at 22:33:24:

: I totally agree with Janet. Strangely I also had my first colonoscopy on 29 Sept 2000 as I noticed some blood in my stools few weeks ago and I am near 50 yrs of age. The preparation was a bit tedious (drinking 2 litres of colonlytely solution in the previous afternoon to start diarrhoea - taste is not the problem, I mixed it with lemon cordial but gulping the whole lot slowly and the bloated feeling was a bit uncomfortable). Any way I managed it and diarrhoea was mild. I slept very well and the following morning I had another diarrhoea solution called 'Fleet'. That was easy. Remember from 2.00 p.m. previous afternoon I had only clear fluids (clear vegetable soup in the night and black coffee in the following day morning). My wife drove me to the hospital and the admission was scheduled at 9.30 a.m. I was taken to the theatre at around 10.30 and the procedure was explained by the gastroenterologist (doctor who performed the colonoscopy). The remote risks involved with the procedure such as possible preforation of the colon ( a surgery could fix this) or possible bleeding were also mentioned. Aftre signing the consent form I was given a mild sedative by putting an IV needle on to my arm. I woke up in the recovery room - a very pleasent experience and my wife told me that everything was fine. The doctor came to see me and said the procedure went very well and everything was normal. That indeed was something very pleasent to hear. I came home and did not feel any pain what so ever and that was a surprise as I expected a lot of pain as I know when something is inserted into your rectum you expect that kind of thing.

So I recommend just like Janet does if you have similar symptoms or near 50 yrs of age go for it. It indeed is a painless exercise barring the remote possibilty of complications that never materialised with me. If anyone had these complications I like to hear about them.

A very happy and relieved


: I had my first colonoscopy today and I want to tell everyone new to it that it isn't as bad as you may have heard. Like Angie E. my experience was similar. I had the IV put in my hand and once the drugs took effect I was out like a baby and I don't even remember the procedure. I left after 20 minutes in the recovery room with very minimal pain or discomfort. I also left with great relief in finding out that the small amount of blood in my stool a week ago was caused by hemorrhoids and not polyps or cancer. It is worth doing this procedure I can say from experience and I would like to reassure anyone that has been advised to do it... It is worth doing and it isn't so bad ! And it just might save your life.
: Good Luck :) Janet C.

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