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Re: Night Attacks

Re: Night Attacks

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Posted by CP on October 02, 2000 at 09:25:36:

In Reply to: Re: Night Attacks posted by Elizabeth on October 01, 2000 at 13:52:35:

: Good idea about seeing a doctor. I remember the first one I had during the daytime was in public -- a movie theater. They wheeled me out of there on a gurney with oxygen and saline. My BP was 60/40 and I was barely consious. All because of IBS. So it's not exclusively diarrhea or constipation, other complications seem to come in to play. I feel as I'm getting older I'm having less of those really severe attacks (I'm still sick quite frequently but I haven't passed out in almost 3 years).

: They thought I was epileptic because I would pass out and convulse a little (which is normal for syncope). I saw nuerologists, cardiologists, I even had MRIs, bone scans, tilt-table tests, and of course several EEGs. No one seemed to know what to do. Until I finally saw a GI surgeon who was very helpful. That's where I should have started in the first place. ;)

: I have a question for you. When I had them I would feel like death most the night but once I slept a little I was perfectly fine. Almost back to normal (except twice, where I was hospitalized for a few days). It's a really odd occurence and it's somewhat comforting to know other people have gone through or know what I'm talking about.

: Good luck, and if you feel up to it, come back and give an update!

YES!!!! I had them so bad my BP was 60/38 and my puls was 43. I also had every test and MRI's and no Dr.(11) know what I was wrong with me for 3 years until they took out my gall blader. After that they called gastro (millitary hospital) and 1st they told me I had assit reflux and put me on Prilosec and zentac. I landed up in the ER again after a bad night and could not walk. Finely a GIDr. from Ft. Sam was called to see me. Just after 5 minutes he told me I had IBS. He had seen cases like mine before. He put me on Bentyl and the world looked a lot better for a little while. I now change meds, the bentyl have side effects for me and make my head hurt bad. I see a female Dr. at fort bliss texas. She is great. I can call her at any time. She also heard of this and just went to a seminar about IBS. So I feel that I am in good hands for now. Just had a Colonoscopy to roo out cancer. Please get treatment and a Diagnose so you can learn how cope to and diat with this IBS. God Bless You!!! CP

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