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Re: IBS and depression/anxiety

Re: IBS and depression/anxiety

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Posted by Roger S. on October 03, 2000 at 11:29:20:

In Reply to: Re: IBS and depression/anxiety posted by Harry on October 03, 2000 at 03:18:28:

Harry, Thanks for your input and advice. I am not completely sure it is IBS yet, as I am waiting for the results of a colonoscopy that I had and endoscopy. They tested me for celiac, crohns, and other things too, but the doctor told me to take Citrucel, which works for over night, but then after the first...somewhat normal BM, the second and third are back to loose and stools that fall apart in the toilet. And the urge still sometimes comes on up to 8 times a day. I think perhaps I am taking the wrong dose of fiber? I take an enzyme supplement from the vitamin and nutrition group that I belong to, but I am not trying to sell it. I am just wondering if it is good, or if you have a recommendation from something that you personally use. I ordered some Psyllum Husk caps from the Vitamin Shoppe and should be here tomorrow. Is there something else you recommend from there? Their prices are very reasonable. Thanks again, and you have a great day and God Bless you. Roger :-)
PS. My friend is visiting from out of town, and I hope I can get this under control before his arrival next week.

: : Hi All, I have been here only a few days and have been reading the posts and have gained a lot of insite. Here is my problem. I have been having diarrhea a lot (sometimes intermittent, sometimes chronic) since June. I only get constipation if I take too much Imodium. In march my doctor took me off amitryptiline (elavil) and xanax (alprazolam) that I was on for depression and anxiety. But he left me on the Luvox (an SSRI) and then put me on Remeron and Klonopin to replace the elavil and xanax. My question is...does anyone know if these meds will cause a withdrawl effect to cause IBS to start? Before this time, I would only have bouts of diarrhea perhaps once a month or every other month. I hardly ever get constipation. Also, I am wondering how many IBS'ers have also depression and anxiety disorder. I recently went though a divorce and some major depression. I had just about every test in the book and everything was negative (I wish something were positive, so they could treat it...instead of the cop-out diagnosis of IBS). Harry, you seem to have a lot of knowledge on this nasty illness. Thanks everyone. Have a nice day :)

: HI Roger,
: You certainly sound frustrated and your problems no matter what you call it can cause big problems in your life to say the least.Everybody --IBSer or not have stressful lives.Many are anxious and there is a connection between your stress and your GI tract. I am not familar with Depression and IBS. I suggest you read an article in the April 1997 issure of Johns Hopkins Univ. Magazine ---"Bowels in an Uproar" by Melissa Hendricks. It is an Interview with Dr. Marvin Schuster,MD a doctor that recently retired after being on the Johns Hopkins Medical School Faculty for 39 years.It is on the web--I have seen it but I don't know the address. Dr.Schuster was trained in both Gastro and Psychiatry and was the first to Direct the Gastroenerology Department at JHU with such training. His Group did alot of work with the Mind-Gut connection.You may find some answers in that area. I know the article is available at a Library because I have a copy.

: I do not believe in taking Immodium unless there is an emergency.What I have found is Immodium will stop D for a while then diarrhea returns worse than ever.I do not believe it is healthy to take daily for any length of time.I like psyllium husk fiber--a bulk stool forming agent that is safe to take daily. The worse case of chronic diarrhea that I have ever seen was controlled by Metamucil. My wife likes psyllium in a capsule form and she takes 4 daily and it control her diarrhea.It is water soluble and all fiber is not the same. Flaxseed oil also helps stool formation but I have never seen it completely control D. I take it as a supplement twice daily for the other health benefits not for IBS.I also take digestive enzymes with every meal. Natural enzymes in fruit and veggies and all food is destroyed by heat ---118F --not very hot.I just make sure I get the right stuff for proper digestion.Dr Andrew Weil,MD thinks you should get it in your food. But, I must not eat as healthy as he does so I take'm.
: God Bless---Harry

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