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Re: Questions-Harry

Re: Questions-Harry

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Posted by Harry on October 04, 2000 at 03:30:33:

In Reply to: Questions-Harry posted by Ann S. on October 03, 2000 at 18:08:25:

: When you're on the fiber therapy and you have a couple of extra bad days with IBS, do you cut out or down on the fiber intake? I just went through a few "bad" days again, and without the fiber, it probably would have been diarrhea. With the fiber, it ends up being frequent movements with larger stools. (Sorry about bluntness, but no other way to explain it.) The latter tends to make me more sore internally, the former externally. I find it harder to heal internally...would it then be better to cut the fiber? Also, have you ever heard of anything serious developing, besides pain, if you don't have internal hemorrhoids removed? Thanks again for always being here, Ann.

Hi Ann,
First hemorrhoids are swollen veins and are much like varicose veins-they get bigger and lose their elasticity causing saclike protusions around and in the anus.Other than the symptoms --pain,swelling, itching, burning, irritation/ inflammation and bleeding --I have only read that they do not usually pose a serious threat to your health.But, rectal bleed is scary and startling and is not necessarily an indication of some bad or serious illness.

You really need water soluble fiber to make your colon work properly.If you allow yourself to be constipated or have diarrhea it does over a matter of time damage the tissure/cell structure of your colon muscle tone. So, I think you should take fiber all the time because over the long period you have had IBS you need to tone-up your colon muscles and they do that by moving body-waste (bulk) from one end(cecum) to your rectum.It just takes time for the muscle tissure to become stronger like they should be or once were.Once you really know the natural water soluble fiber in foods that agrees with you---you can lighten up on the psyllium.It is not an easy problem to solve with all the things we like to eat and know don't agree with our systems.I know you have taught your children that the choices you make ALL carry consequences and your GI tract is no different.It reacts to the choices we make!!!

You colon does not do any digestion ---it extracts the water out of the food that we eat. So,you have to have some food that it just can't take the water out--totally. I think the reason your stool size changes is weak colon muscles. They hurt because I think they are being excercised.
God Bless---Harry

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