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Re: Questions-Harry

Re: Questions-Harry

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Posted by Harry on October 05, 2000 at 11:10:08:

In Reply to: Re: Questions-Harry posted by Roger S. on October 05, 2000 at 02:13:22:

: : When you're on the fiber therapy and you have a couple of extra bad days with IBS, do you cut out or down on the fiber intake? I just went through a few "bad" days again, and without the fiber, it probably would have been diarrhea. With the fiber, it ends up being frequent movements with larger stools. (Sorry about bluntness, but no other way to explain it.) The latter tends to make me more sore internally, the former externally. I find it harder to heal internally...would it then be better to cut the fiber? Also, have you ever heard of anything serious developing, besides pain, if you don't have internal hemorrhoids removed? Thanks again for always being here, Ann.

: Hi Ann,

: Thanks by the way for your reply on my earlier message, and thanks to you too Harry.
: It has been about 4 days that I was on fiber (citrucel) and it has helped a lot with controling the diarrhea, but today I also had a bad day. I was fine this morning, but then this afternoon I suddenly had 3 explosive BM's (sorry also for the graphic description...but for lack of better words). They also were not like the typical soft diarrhea but just frequent trips to the rest room with large volumes along with gas. the last one was more like the typical diarrhea. I guess I had the same question if this is just because I am not totally accustomed to the fiber yet. I think you answered my question though, Harry. This has happened before, and is what I meant by in my previous post that even with the fiber, sometimes I still get the diarrhea. Will the caps help prevent this more so than the powder, because I don't have caps yet from ordering in the mail. Thanks, Roger S.

Hi Roger,
I have not had much experience with Citrucel. It is not a natural fiber but a semi-synthetic (methylcellulose) fiber and although it is water soluble fiber but it does not breakdown in the GI tract like psyllium does but the people that use it says it produces less gas. Psyllium is natural and procuces more gas at first because of the bacteria fermentation process that takes place in your GI tract. But, the gas goes away in a few days or a week. I like the powder psyllium but the caps have no sugar and usually do not produce bloating that some people have with the powder.I think the caps would do well just work up to at least 4 a day.My wife takes them just before meals and some people take them at bed time. Also, drink a lot of water.
If the caps don't do what you think they should then take the powder. The capsules don't seem to work as well for me --I have not figured out why??? Powder works just fine. As you know we are all different----Vital Force or Constitution or something else???
God Bless----Harry--THE FIBER KING™ ha ha

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