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Re: pain under left rib(stomach)/under left rib(back)anyone else??help??

Re: pain under left rib(stomach)/under left rib(back)anyone else??help??

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Posted by Pam on October 05, 2000 at 14:42:22:

In Reply to: Re: pain under left rib(stomach)/under left rib(back)anyone else??help?? posted by twa on October 01, 2000 at 09:54:20:

: : hi everyone! i have a question about ibs! i was diagnosed with it a few months ago--it bothers me at least once a month, i have extremely bad gas pains, whole abdominal area hurts/tender/bloating/rolling--my question is--does anyone else have a dull ache under their LEFT rib and the same dull ache on the left back under ribs?? this has me really bothered--worried it might be something more serious????i also take levsin, donnatol, and tagamet but none of these really do anything---i take over the counter gasx and it seems to help the best--my stomach hurts worse when i lay down!! anyone?? help??

: Hi Joyce,
: I have very similar pain. I seem to only get it when I overeat. I have C type IBS and there just isn't anywhere for it to go! That's my theory, my doc just shrugs his shoulders. The pain that I get in my side and back doesn't seem to be as severe as yours. During this time I also turn into and SOB (short of breath). For me, I'm convinced that I just filled up too much.
: Good luck and good health......twa

Hi folks - another ibs sufferer. Just went through the gambit of tests - colonoscopy, ultrasounds after 20 years of putting up with it. I too experience the back pain, which scared me at first, but I soon reaklized that if it disappears when the other symptoms do, then it's all the same game. Aren't we all lucky? I'm opting to try the digestive enzyme solution, because my doc recommended Lotronex, but it only served to constipate me. I'll report back when I see how this works.

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