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Re: Vertigo, IBS, Hypothyroid, or something else?

Re: Vertigo, IBS, Hypothyroid, or something else?

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Posted by Linda on October 09, 2000 at 09:19:11:

In Reply to: Re: Vertigo, IBS, Hypothyroid, or something else? posted by Angie E on August 31, 2000 at 09:14:21:

: : : : I know dizziness can be a symptom of IBS, and I have just about every other symptom, but lately I have had SEVERE vertigo. Especially during bouts of diarrhea, but also other times. I have been under extra stress lately, and was wondering if anyone had similar problems with the dizziness, or if I was battling something else. Also, does anyone have symptoms similar to hypothyroid along with IBS symptoms? Thank you!!!

: : :
: : : I had severe vertigo and diarrhea with hyperthyroid or Graves Disease. I have hypthyroid symptoms with IBS, i.e. cold all the time. Definitly have your thyroid checked!
: : : Angie E

: : Angie:

: : Did they SAY that true, room spinning vertigo, is caused from having Graves??

: : I'e had it several times over the last 8 years, and still get it in small amounts, which is STILL enough to freak me out, even if it lasts only seconds!! I also have had my thyroid checked a lot, but nothing shows up. Which are the T's you're supposed to have checked to DEFINITELY see if your thyroid is high or low. BTW, I take Birth Control pills, which I was told last time alter the results.

: : Thanks,
: : Katherine

: When I had Graves, the vertigo was extremely bad! As soon as I would lie down, the room would start spinning. At first I thought it was fun. When it didn't quit after 30 seconds, I started getting scared. It would go on between 30 seconds and a minute and a half. It got to the point, it happened every single time I tried to go to sleep. Then it started happening everytime I turned over in bed. I didn't realize it was a symptom of anything until I went to the dr. I started passing out between meals, SEVERE diarrhea, hot, hands were so shaky I couldn't write a check, resting heart rate was 110. If you aren't having vertigo pretty regularly and your T's come back normal (T3, T4 and TSH) you might have what is called Meniere's (Sp?) disease. Its basically an inner ear problem that happens intermittently. I started having a little vertigo last year and it went away after a couple of days. It was just an inner ear problem. Hyperthryoidism is very serious, as is hypothryoidism. I ended up having to have my thyroid removed. It was a 5 hour surgery and i was in the hospital for 5 days. There are less invasive ways to treat, but mine was serious. They were afraid I would have a heart attack on the operating table. I was on heart medication for quite a while. I was 25 at the time. After my surgery, the vertigo went away completely. I was on birth control pills, and it didn't alter my thyroid tests. If your thyroid tests are negative, I wouldn't worry...
: Angie EAbout 3 mo ago I stated having "ringing in my ears after a concert. Then I would have severe headaches. They did an mri, cat scan and a spinal tap.Nothing has showed up but I am still unable to function. They have me on inderal,bellergal, hydrocodeine. Any clue? I have been to 8 drs!

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