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Posted by Stephanie on October 10, 2000 at 22:39:32:

In Reply to: Re: STOOL SHAPE & SPASDIC COLON/IBS posted by Annie on September 19, 2000 at 07:46:10:

: Just a follow-up to your message of thin stools - I have IBS also but mine is the constipation - overly sensitive bowels, not going for the bathroom for days and then waking of at 3:00 am doubled over in labor like agony - sharp stabbing pains - boy do I know that routine. But recently, a few months ago, I experienced a few days of these thin stools - scared me also because I heard that it can be a sign of colon cancer. I did go to my family doctor but he put me on citrucel for 3 weeks and major water to try and get me back on track (more fiber) to try to cure problem that way - he didn't seem to concerned about the colon cancer? Haven't seen any more of them but I know what you mean about scary.
: : :
: : : : I have IBS and have had it for many, many years. Since I was a young teen. Im 7 weeks of being 30 now and it just won't go away. Gets a little worst. 3 years ago I was doing some research on IBS. Read somewhere how thin or flat stool is a symptom of colon cancer. Well, Doctor told me this DOES happen with a spasdic colon. I know a specialest told me this and I know a couple others who have said the same thing happens to them.. Are we the only 3 or has anyone else had this happen to them? I have delt with IBS forever. I know that is my problem. But it does linger in the back of my mind as a concern of what if. I plan to go back to the DR. My IBS comes and goes. Sometimes I get it for days, weeks and months of misery. Then it goes away and I have nothing for weeks or months at a time. Always has been this way. He did give me pain killers for the sharp stabbing, labor like pains I get in an attack. The kind that make ya break out in a sweat. It's awful. But my question is, has anyone else had strange stools?

: : : It seams like all of us have the same problem at one time or another. I had the same thing about 3 weeks ago. I had a colonoscopy and everything was fine. Just spasmic Colen - IBS. If you like to ease your mind, ask your Dr. for such a test. Good Luck, CP.

: : Same here. I've had it for twenty years and the stools are sometimes very thin or very flat. I'm having a colonoscopy on Thursday, but I've had a lower GI and they didn't find evidence of a tumor. My brother in law died last year of colon cancer and from what I can tell, if you have colon cancer, the diarrhea doesn't stop. And it's usually bloody. It's different for different people of course, but in advanced cases like his was, it was non-stop.
: : Angie E

: Angie...Hi my name is Annie hope you don't mind the intrusion here for a few minutes?
: I found an old post (7-7-2000) of yours through a search on "irritable bowel sydrome" and wanted to ask you a question...if I may? I think I read that you had a colonoscopy and a nurse told you to drink "apple juice" during the time you were doing the liquid diet while drinking the "prep" for the exam?
: Would you possibly be able to relate that concersation to me? I am having a colonoscopy on 9-25 and saw what you mentined as a bit of I was really ill last time while preparing for this exam. I would welcome *anything* that would make this even a little more bearable. Thanks for any feedback you could send my way..and so sorry for the intrusion here...Thanks so much for reading this...Annie
: My email is listed so you could email me directly as sometimes I have trouble accessing some sites messages boards. thanks again so much for taking the time....

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