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Re: My toddler has had rectal bleeding for 2 years, WORRIED

Re: My toddler has had rectal bleeding for 2 years, WORRIED

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Posted by Angie E on October 11, 2000 at 09:43:34:

In Reply to: My toddler has had rectal bleeding for 2 years, WORRIED posted by Amy Condra on October 10, 2000 at 23:09:25:

: Hello, I don't know what made me find this website but it is odd that I have. My now 4 year old starting having blood in his stool and when wiped in June of 1998. He was severly constipated then because he refused to go due to the pain. We did go see the GI and he had him on mineral oil for 6 months, after a month of figuring out what dose was good w/o giving him diarehea, he healed what the GI said was 2 anal fissures. Then since that period he has gone off and on the oil when he bleeds. He is regular at least now. He's a once a day fellow usually, but 2 months ago the blood came again and he cried, I decided enough mineral oil it obviously did not work. So back to the GI today, he said he did not see the fissures or feel them any longer. So why the blood? He said he wants to do something called a colonoscopy/flexible sigmoidoscopy in Nov. I guess he doen't think it's serious because he did not rush an appointment for this. My 4 year old has to be put to sleep, and do this outpatient thing. I just wonder shouldn't there be some sort of cream or supposatory or something? Why so extreme, or am I just being too worried? There is no colon problems in the family and the blood only comes when he has a bm. None is the toliet on on the paper when wiped. I am worried!!

Sounds to me like he needs more fiber in his diet, such as prunes, apples, etc. My son would hold his BM's in (my ex and I were getting a divorce)because of insecurities. The longer he would hold it in, the harder his stools would become and the more painful they were to pass. Kind of a catch 22. Try more fiber. Also, look to see if their are changes in your life that could be upsetting such as something like a move, new sibling. Things that woudn't bother adults, many times will trouble a's best to have him checked out however. I know, it's hard to get kids to eat fiber, when all they want is peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwiches!
Good Luck!
Angie E

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