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Re: Barium enema

Re: Barium enema

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Posted by Janet on October 12, 2000 at 16:59:41:

In Reply to: Re: Barium enema posted by TK on October 12, 2000 at 08:59:42:

: :Hi Laura,
: I had a barium enema about 11 years ago -- I'm assuming it's still done the same way. The day before, you are basically on an all liquid diet -- you have to drink this discusting stuff at the end of the day and I also had to give myself a suppository. Then you go in the next day, they stick a scope up you w/ a balloon type thing and they fill you up with barium until you can no longer handle any more pressure. Then they roll you into several positions and take x-rays. Afterwards you have to shoot to the bathroom (which is usually in the same room that you have the procedure) b/c, believe me, you will have to go!! A lot of people did not have great feelings about this procedure (ask Angie E.-- she'll tell you all about it! :o) I myself didn't think it was that bad. It's a little humiliating, but I thought it was worth it. After the barium, I didn't have bowel problems for months! It was great. Unfortunately, they did come back -- but that time off was wonderful! Good luck to you and don't worry about it so much!! SMILE TK

Hi Laura, I had the barium enema done in May. I wouldn't say it was a pleasant experience, but what digestive test is?? I lived to tell about it, so it was tolerable. My preparation was a two day prep. The first day I could only eat bland foods in the morning, and I believe clear liquids starting in the later afternoon (see, I have already forgotten the details), the next day it was clear liquids only, until 2 pm. At that time I had to drink a laxative. The effect from this took about 1 hour. I was on the pot for about 2 hrs. (off and on). Nothing else to eat after that. The morning of the test I had to do a suppository, but there was nothing left inside me. One thing I would have done differently was ask for a woman tech. You don't have much choice with the radiologist, but you should with the tech. who is assisting. I didn't ask and ended up with two men (radiologist and tech.) It was embarrassing. The procedure for me lasted about 20-30 min. After, like TK said, you will have to go to the bathroom ASAP. My husband and I went out to lunch after the test. I felt pretty bloated, and you will be passing a lot of gas. For me, other than those things, I felt pretty good. Make sure you drink tons of water, because the barium sets up like concrete in your colon, and you may become very constipated. I agree with Angie E., though, if you are going to have a colonoscopy, I would ask the doc what the point of the barium enema is. Good Luck, Janet

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