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Re: Harry does this sound right?

Re: Harry does this sound right?

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Posted by Harry on October 14, 2000 at 10:52:00:

In Reply to: Harry does this sound right? posted by TK on October 14, 2000 at 09:54:36:

: :Hey Sue
: I've read that sometimes when you are on large amounts of antibiotics it also attacks the "GOOD" bacteria in your body and let's the 'bad' bacteria flourish (like candida) -- you may want to try replenishing some of that friendly bacteria (such as acidophilus) in your body -- you can get supplements or eat yogurt containing acidophilus. Hope this helps some. TK

Hi sue,
TK is right--if you take antibiotics they WILL upset the normal intestinal "flora" or bacteria. You may just have developed a candida infection called "Candidiasis".This happens with antibiotics taken by mouth and everyone is different. I can take some antibiotic only 7 days and I have an intestinal yeast infection.My mouth burns and I get a loose stool.Some people are more resistant and may require repeated rounds before their intestinal bacteria is messed up.You may have to take Nystatin or Diflucan or an over-the-counter remedy to kill the unwanted fungi and replace it with acidophilus that is present in yogurt.Eat lots of good guuality yogurt.

Another problem with having your gallbladder out is some people secrete too much bile since you don't have a gallbadder to hold the excess except when you need it---it will run through you --giving you diarrhea just like IBS. Questran is good on a short term basis to stop the diarrhea until you body adjusts to NO gallbladder. It is a prescibed medication and is normally used to reduce cholestrol----most people that use it get constipated. I also think everyone should take a water soluble fiber supplement like psyllium found in Metamucil ,Equate from Wal Mart is cheaper but there are other brands.You can also get psyllium in capsule form from most health food stores.
God Bless-----Harry

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